2011 I'm Coming After You, With My Intentions...

I was walking into the mall today through a double set of doors, when I saw a little boy around 3 years old get partially caught and his shoulder smacked by a closing door. His mom, was texting or typing or updating her Facebook status and completely ignoring her child. I quickly ran to the boy to grab the door that was closing in on him fast. The mother was super apologetic to me, but the boys eyes when they met mine were just filled with a blank sad stare. I told her it happens to all of us, one time or another. I later wished I told her to apologize to her child for ignoring him. The more I reflect upon that moment, the more sadness I feel for the distractions we have which make momentary lapses of judgement commonplace.

Which leads me to the New Year.

We're all writing about it, how we hate resolutions and how we aren't the resolution type. I stand tall with all those sentiments, but I also love the New Year. I'm not quite sure what it is, but the day feels fresher. My ability to focus, set goals, see ahead with lofty vision is much clearer when the New Year arrives. Feelings of regret wash away and should haves become yesterday's fading memory, for tomorrow is a new day or better yet it's a New Year.

Rather than resolve, I feel more comfortable with setting my intentions for the year ahead. I love to focus on what I am capable of and where I want my path to lead. Here are some thoughts that I am taking into the New Year (am I overzealous with the capitalization of New Year?).

Mindfulness, I'm feeling the pull to be more present in all aspects of my life. I'm hyper aware of how dependent people are on their devices (laptops, iPhones, blackberries), which makes me want to step back from my own dependence. Numerous times I day, I try to bring it back to being mindful and present. Work.In.Progress...

Smile more, laugh more. Enjoy the beauty of small moments.

Tap back into my creative side, the poet, the painter, the knitter, the candlestick maker. Well, just teasing about the candlestick maker part, wondering if anyone is actually reading this?!?

Hiking. Last year I reconnected with my love of hiking. The trails out my backdoor are amazing, I will hike at least 200 days this year. It's a personal goal. I'm just not a gym girl, I've never felt comfortable there. Put me on a trail and set me free.

Yoga. The only time my racing mind is calm. Enough said.

Loving my job, staying home with the girls, keeping harmony in the home. It's so easy to feel down about the laundry, cooking, dishes, running errands, the endless work. Being home is a blessing and I really want to stay in touch with that sentiment. It is said that the same sex parent of a child has the greatest influence on them, which is me. No pressure or anything. I'll take it, let's hold hands and make this journey together my lovely daughters.

Appreciate and make time for the people in my life I cherish. I've been given the gift of wonderful friends, my intention is to see them as much as I can. (ps... wanna go hiking?)

2011 is the 20th year J and I have spent together (crazy!!!). It's work and love and one hell of a mountain climb, but the view 20 years later is kick ass. My intention is more heart, less nag.

Less stuff, more experiences. For a very long time I truly believed stuff would make me happy. But then one day, I noticed how big the smile was on my face at a concert, on a street in London, when my daughters are snuggling me in the morning, when my girlfriends raise their glasses to cheer, when my sweaty nose touched my yoga mat, when I looked up and the mountain wasn't off in the distance but rather right in front of me, when my husband sets a plate of food in front of me that he amazingly whipped up, when my family is visiting. I could go on, but really no handbag ever made me smile like that.

More writing, less Facebook. There's no two ways around it.

Dream big. I have this itchy, sneaky, whispery feeling that this is the year that I will once again make money. Start a business, find a great part time job, win the lottery, I'm not quite sure which, but I just know it. This is my year.

Remain grateful. For you, for this, for so many things. I don't want to forget the gratitude.

Please share, where are your intentions this year?


  1. Great list. Yoga is a life saver for me and I always feel more me after it. I hope 2011 brings you all you seek.

  2. wow, what a wonderful set of goals. I refuse to set goals because I'm a total wuss and just too afraid that I will mess up and then feel like a failure.

    So, instead I fail at making goals. (insert visual of dog chasing its tail.)

    I guess I know what I'm capable of but I'm afraid to try to achieve it in case I fail. Yes, I'm a WONDERFUL example for my daughter... NOT.

    1. listen to ur heart and follow it . drop the expectation ,just follow the flow ,u will enjoy the scenery

  3. Mindfulness in the time of constant attachment to smart phones - yes, more of it please.

    Hiking, more of it please.

    I wrote my own list of intentions the other day, but yours has made me stop and think of more.

  4. I love this list! I love YOU!!

    Except for the hiking, this list is so similar to mine it's almost frightening. It's like you're inside my brain. =)

    And, I love hiking - don't get me wrong. It's just that right now, we live in town and pretty far from trails, parks or open spaces. I'm hoping this year will be the year that we start making a move to a home closer to nature a reality. It'd be awesome if it could be in a foreign country... just sayin'.

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Happy New Year.

  5. Love this! You really have got me thinking! xo

  6. Great List Denise!

    I have a very extensive list of intentions on one of my many blogs. Addiction?

    I really want to get lost in more books this year!

  7. Love it - great for all of us to think about.


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