Her First Big Girl Bento...

Today was the first day GL went to school for Lunch Bunch. My darling youngest girl has always been a slow eater, she likes to graze through out the morning on her breakfast and typically has part of her lunch in her lap en route to school. It's not because I didn't give her enough time, it's just because she takes her sweet time. After 4 years, a mother learns to just let her be, she'll eat on her terms.

I was a bit hesitant for her to eat lunch at school, so I warned her teachers she may just graze. I was okay with whatever she did eat, I knew if she didn't do a great job then I would just feed her a hefty snack after school.

When I arrived to pick her up, the first thing she did was came running to me with her lunch bag. She was so proud that she had eaten the entire contents of Panda! Everything, there wasn't a bite left. Her teacher even wrote me a note saying that I should send a bigger lunch next time.

Wow, that girl of mine, always full of delightful surprises!

Bento contained, vegetable dumplings, fruit (strawberries, grapes, melon), and some baby carrots with Ranch. Apparently dumplings are really, really good dipped in Ranch.


  1. I've been inspired by your Bento Boxes and found these adorable monster shaped lunch boxes by Goodbyn. You can decorate them with stickers, etc. Took it to lunch bunch and my 4 year old boy refused to put it on the table, gripped it under his chair, hissing, "No, mom, I'm not hungry!" and I realized he was embarrassed by it! The first time I've seen that emotion on him! Aaawwwwww.... my dreams of making Bento Box lunches were smashed....


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