House Project 2: Main Bathroom, Paint and Flooring Updates

Original Bathroom:
Here's a photo of the bathroom when we moved in. Bold patterned linoleum that didn't even come close to coordinating with the paint. Speaking of paint, it was grey on the wainscoting and white up top. Apparently it was freshly painted before it went on the market, as there were tell tale signs of the paint previously being bright orange and green. Like neon. I guess I shouldn't complain about the grey, at least it was neutral.

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Amazingly enough the tile in the bathtub is beautiful white subway tile and the sink and tub both have really nice porcelain fixtures. The vanity mirror and cabinet are very cheap, off the shelf of a big box hardware store. They will be updated, but for now we put our money in the new flooring. That's my brother in the photo, on this day we tore out the flooring and toilet. We upgraded the toilets to High Efficiency Toilets which flush a little over a gallon per flush. The toilet we removed was original, I gasped 1962 stamped in the lid.

Bathroom Now:
I painted the wainscoting and the trim that runs along the floor a neutral warm tone (listed below). I typically don't depart from the top color on a paint chip very often, but I did for the bathroom. With the white tile and white cabinetry, there are built-ins in addition to the sink cabinet, the room needed some panache. For the upper portion of the walls, I chose a very light color, in a pale turquoise meets green. It's very light and airy.

The flooring is Italian Marble that we got for a slamming deal on clearance. We had travertine in our old bathroom, which I loved. This flooring is a bit bolder, I had a hard time finding something that wasn't just very plain. I jumped at this marble because it was a deal. If I had other choices, I may have gone a different way. My preference leans more towards a grey marble or a warmer light travertine. Even though I am not in love with it, it is 1,000 times better than the linoleum. As I mentioned, a new toilet as well.

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I'm going to finish the room off with a patterned shower curtain. Eventually we'll replace the mirror and cabinet, but for now I am content. A little color, some beautiful marble, and the bathroom has a proper face lift.

Paint colors:
Bottom wainscoting: Behr Semi Gloss in Pecan Sandie (7000C-S)
Upper wall color: Behr Satin in Meadow Light (460E-1)

Disclosure, this post was not sponsored, but after the money we've spent on the projects around the house I am open to sponsorship from a big box hardware store, teehee.


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