Tuesday Tips: Organizing a Small Coat Closet For Cheap

We lost about half the space of our coat closet in the move. Now granted, I am thrilled to have a coat closet, but honestly the downsize was a bit hard to swallow. I was browsing online for inspiration and found nothing but unrealistic closets. Really who has upwards of $500 to spend on a closet or better yet what fabulous things could you do with $500 other than put it in a closet? Granted I love seeing beautiful professionally organized spaces, but really my budget was slim, my space was even smaller, so I had to make due. Plus, I love the idea of reusing items that I already owned which is cost effective and eco-friendly!

I want to share a few easy tips on how to get the most real estate from a small space.

1. Always use an over the door hanger, they are so valuable. We currently use ours for seasonal items like mittens, scarves, ski goggles, oh and a clutch. Cost $7-$10, I like to find them at TJ Maxx or the like, I don't care what color they are for 1/2 the price of many other stores.

2. Sweater over the bar closet organizer. It's fabric. Everyone gets their own shelf for their shoes. I put the girls on the lower shelves so they can put them away and get ready easily. Top bin is for everyone's slippers. $10 TJ Maxx Home Goods.

3. Plastic bin at the bottom of the closet for random shoes, typically has grocery bags stacked on top ready to go when I'm gathering my coat, shoes, purse. It's a visual cue.

4. Bins for other hats on top shelf, baseball and sun hats that wouldn't typically fit into the over the door organizer. Always a place for my purse, out of sight.

I had the plastic bins in the home already, I would prefer wicker, I just don't have the proper size. Rather than spending more money, I just used what I had on hand. Total investment $17 on the door organizer and sweater organizer.

Here's an up close shot of the door organizer. I love all the pockets, the length of it so the girls can easily access their things. We also use them in the girls closets.

I just so happen to have a second closet to the right of this one that once housed our boiler and water heater, now I use it to store linens, my mail, and magazines. I was thinking if I didn't have the second closet this linen over the door organizer would be perfect for bills and office supplies, handy and ready to go!

Do you use them in your home and what do they store?

disclaimer: all shoes, jackets, winter items, junk, and organization tools were purchased by me.


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