Unplugging For The Day, Maybe A New Sunday Tradition?!?

My goal for today is to unplug for the day, not like a whole 24 hours, just until after bedtime. I'd like to think I can just close my laptop and not give it a second thought, but that's not very realistic. I know through out the day, I'll be glancing over to the spot where I keep it stored. I'm going to have to stash it out of sight to attain my goal!

The beauty of a Sunday is that I have the girls all to myself. We have no place to rush off to, just the day to spend together. Sometimes I feel really down on myself when I get distracted and just hop onto the computer for a minute...always turned much longer than a minute! Or I pick up my phone to take a photo, then just check Twitter, oh and there's a convenient beep letting me know I have a new email, swoosh gone are 20 minutes. Guilt comes creeping in.

I'm wondering what we shall do. Maybe...

Pancakes, some time on a trail before the cold weather blows in, reading books all snuggled up in the covers of my bed, pull out my knitting bin and start the teapot cosy I found a pattern for, make a nice meal to welcome J home from the X-Games, let the girls each chose something they would like to do, laugh a little, play a lot, a daytime bath which is always a welcomed surprise for the girls, finish my teapot painting, and maybe even sneak in a few chores with two of my best helpers.

Last but not least, contemplate the reality of this goal or embrace a new tradition?


  1. I think is a wonderful idea and vote that you make it a tradition. I *might* do the same. Have a lovely day. : )

  2. I can't do Sunday.

    Both Keith and I spend a little time online in the afternoon while the kids watch a movie.

    It's been our tradition...back when we used to play World of Warcraft together on Sunday afternoons.

    I think I could do Wednesdays....

  3. We've done the whole weekend before. Sometimes I only go on once over the whole weekend. I could easily skip Sundays. Technology can be such a time sucker. It's nice sometimes to find the pleasure in the simple things.


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