Why My Heart Hurts For America....

Yesterday the decision came down from USDA Secretary Vilsack to deregulate the use of Roundup Ready, genetically modified alfalfa. The biggest argument for the decision you will find is that it's farmer's choice. They should have the choice to grow what they want. The reality is farmer's who have dedicated their life to feeding America, don't want to grow that crap. Farmers don't want to start spraying Round Up on plants before they even sprout from the ground. Now, they'll be forced into it. If they don't their crops will be over come by the GE Round Up ready seeds anyway, it's just a matter of time. Then once their crops are overcome, they'll be sued by Monsanto for using their patented seeds. Farmers are amazing and smart people, they aren't going to waste their time losing everything, they are just going to grow the GE crops. If you want more information, please read this post.

Organic farming, organic dairies, and the organic food industry were forever changed yesterday.

But here's my bigger problem, this is truly the reason why my heart hurts. Yesterday the United States Government made their ruling very clear to me, as they have on numerous occasions in the past. They have put the interests of Corporations over the will and wants of the citizens. Over 250,000 people contacted the USDA and President voicing their opinions against GE crops. I guess those voices fell on deaf ears.

Now, it shall come as no surprise to you that I typically lean Democratic in my voting, but I am registered an Independent. Today, at this very moment, I feel like I have no place to turn in the American Democratic system. Republicans have always been in favor of deregulating all industry, it was President Bush Sr that allowed the first genetically modified crops to be grown, with great pleasure. Obviously Obama has no courage to stand up to big Corporations either. Sigh, was it not just this week Obama boasted during the State of The Union, no earmarks for Corporations? Way to go, Mr. President!

Why I believe America is going to lose out...

The genetically modified crops we grow (which is currently at 89% for things like soy, corn, canola, soon to be alfalfa) CAN NOT be exported to countries that have banned GMO's. Which also means our meat and dairy products, that come from animals raised on genetically engineered feed, will no longer be exported as well. Food exportation is over a $40 Billion a year industry, China alone purchased $13 Billion in US exports in 2009.

To top my list, our health. Our friends at Monsanto were the creators of things like Agent Orange, Saccharin, DDT, and rbST (growth hormone for cows). Do we want such chemically toxic driven producers controlling our farms? When splices of things like antibiotics and chemical pesticides are put into the DNA of plants, when every cell of a plant is altered so it can no longer be called corn for example, but rather it has to be named as an insecticide, WE SHOULD BE SCARED.

Rise in food allergies? Why of course. Conventional crops are the least of our worries. Conventional farmers would spray crops as they saw fit, during the growing season. Now with the GE seeds, the rise in chemical spraying has greatly surpassed the typical need for pesticides in a growing cycle. Monsanto's GE seeds need spraying and more chemicals, early on. How convenient, they also sell the farmers the pesticides. It comes as no surprise to me our bodies are rejecting the foreign chemical laden plant products we are putting in it. We are designed to process meat and plants with ease. When the food we put into our bodies has been genetically altered, there's no telling what havoc it reeks on our bodies. The USDA tells us it's safe, but really who's going to be objective enough to tell us other wise. OBVIOUSLY, not the US Government, you know the one that puts chemical corporations over people. Yeah.

The last underlying fear I have, the loss of species. With the disappearance of independent seed companies, Monsanto has purchased over 12 suppliers of seeds in the past 7 years, so goes plant variety. Farmers pride themselves on saving seeds and the seeds are the heart of a family farm, being passed on from generation to generation. With Monsanto patented seeds, a farmer has to purchase new seeds from year to year. Will the day arrive when it becomes illegal to grow a garden in our own backyards because the seeds are NOT genetically engineered? Sounds crazy, but it is a possibility.

My advice, join a CSA (community supported agriculture), buy from farmer's markets. Kiss a local farmer that grows small non-GE crops. Buy organic for organic regulation does not allow for genetically engineered ingredients.

Help me take back America from big Corporations. Visit this website, Millions Against Monsanto and see how you can make a difference in your part of the country. I truly believe we can do it, for the future of our children, we must!


  1. Thank you for this post. It is sad that we are screwing ourselves in numerous ways with these actions being legislated. If people won't do it for the health of its citizens eating this crap then at least think about economic health since a good deal of the world is smart enough to say heck no to these practices. Hell, even in Haiti where there is a serious food shortage the farmers refuse to work with GMO seed... and we seem to welcome it. Really sad day for America.

    I will hug a farmer. It is a tough spot to be in these days.

  2. As Joey said .. ditto. Very eloquently put!

  3. Mr. Man and I were discussing that this extremely wealthy nation of ours is going to have a food crisis on it's hands. People forget about the dust bowl, but that is what you will have happen if you dwindle species down and don't treat the Earth as something living, but instead as a laboratory. I *LOVE* how the government is is supposed to be in the business of "we the people" but is instead just in business. Obama's SOTU speech was just lip service all about no more tax incentives for businesses and the need for regulation but we can see its just more of the same. I'm ranting, but still.

  4. Great post Denise. This is why I'm a Green, not a Democrat. The Green party is small in this state, but in states where it's been able to grow into a viable party, like California, it's been able to have a great impact. I think it's time for those of us tired of being sold out by Democrats to start working to build the Green Party here in Colorado and nationwide. Also, unlike the big 2 parties, it's a bottom up party, not top down. Check out the 10 Key Values http://www.coloradogreenparty.org/platform/10-key-values/.

  5. shudder. Thank you. May I re-post this article on Twitter and Facebook, with your permission?

  6. Very scary indeed. I wish they would just establish an ethical, healthier way of growing crops. There are many people to feed in this world, and they are looking for the cheapest, quickest way to do it. We as individuals can educate ourselves and do the best we can by going to our local farms and growing our own veggies. I can't control the rest of the world, but at least I can control how these things affect my family. And your post is well done. Giving a voice to the matter helps people as well.

  7. So...do you think Michele Obama is willing to feed her kids food from these seeds and pesticides? Is she on twitter?

    Let's flood twitter asking the White House!

  8. Well, good luck with it. This is exactly the type of thing that makes me feel so tiny. Monsanto will never listen to us... even thousands of us. It makes me feel defeated before I even try, because those who've preceeded us have proven that big corporations don't give a damn about anything besides their own bottom line.

    I am a republican because of certain religious arguments that I have. I do think a company should have the right to build themselves (we are a capitalist nation after all) but NOT at the detriment of the citizens of the United States. Not to ignore the pleas of a sick nation, just to make some extra money in a monopoly they've created for themselves. This is something I have a big problem with.


  9. I am SO with you on this. I'm new to your blog, so I need to nose around a bit, but my hunch is you've watched "Food, Inc." I wish every person in America would watch the film. Adding you to my reader... Nice to meet you, my name is Chris. :)

  10. PS: Found you via Connie [above].

  11. Would love to promote this and you via elephantjournal.com, twitter (named #1 in US for green last year) and our decently-sized FB page...if you're int'd, no worries if no, email me asap at write @ elephantjournal.com ?

  12. Wow this is well spoken, written. I heart you too.


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