2 Minute Bento vs. 5 Minute Bento

It was Friday, we were running late. I was hoping for a slam dunk, just buy hot lunch today moment, when we discovered it was chicken pot pie. Pass! So I literally had 2 minutes to get something together and get out the door.

Cheese quesadilla on whole wheat tortilla, very lightly toasted, so it's soft. Don't let it crisp up, it turns into flatbread by lunch time if you don't pull it out early. Grapes, homemade cheddar crackers, soba noodles with some sauce I whipped up for dinner the night before. There is broccoli hiding in the soba noodles, you just can't see it and remember the 2 minutes to prepare lunch, that includes this awful dark photo.

Enter the 5 minute bento, for my preschooler. 1/2 Rudi's organic cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, grapes, red pepper and carrot flowers (ooh, too cute), red container has ranch (of course), and two Japanese EveryBurgers for a special treat. What a difference 3 minutes makes.