200 Hikes: Day 7, Flagstaff With a View

Saturday morning hike, snow packed trail, occasional bursts of sunshine, wonderful conversation with a friend. I have to admit, friends that want to join me on the hike, always make the experience that much better. For that I am grateful.

We hiked up Flagstaff Mountain and the top photo is a view across the valley on our trail. Funny enough I hiked that on Day 4 (Settler's Park). I thought it would be fun to put both photos together, dramatically different weather days just a couple of weeks apart.


  1. Our hike together was awesome! Thanks for providing great inspiration and wonderful conversation.

    Here's my meta pic of our photo opp: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tanderson/5443157421/

  2. Ummm...that was supposed to be a link...sorry.

    One more try: me taking a picture of you taking a picture


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