Hand Knitted Teapot Cosy, Sometimes I Surprise Myself

On Sunday, I stuck to my guns and stayed off my computer for the day. If you want to know the exact details, I actually had to hide my laptop out of sight so I wouldn't be tempted to just hop on for a minute. I put my iPhone in my sock drawer with the sound off and called myself unplugged for the day. Which left me with a long to do list in hand while also keeping the girls occupied.

Recently, I've been longing for a cosy for my teapot. A proper tea connoisseur does not live with out a cosy for her teapot. Living in a Starbucks obsessed country, it's not easy to just run out and get your hands on a cosy. Yes, I regret not picking one up when I was in London last year. Oh the guilt I carry.

If you put my my longing for the teapot cosy together with a day unplugged from the computer, the final result is the photo to the left. I knit my very own teapot cosy. Yes, I knit that!

First of all, let me give you some background on my knitting skills. I took a class at a craft store for $15 about 6 years ago. It was one class a few hours long and it taught the basic skills. I've picked up a knitting book or two since taking the class and have resigned myself to the fact that I should knit all things square or rectangle. Blankets no problem, scarves if they aren't fancy are no problem, doll blankets are a piece of cake. I even deviated and went on a little hat knitting craze about four years ago, but they truly are the only thing I knit that wasn't a rectangle. I've never followed a pattern because I was always too intimidated. Basketweave stitch was the highlight of my knitting hay day, oh fancy (if you don't knit, I'm joking). I haven't a clue on how to switch up colors to create things like stripes, so I knit in one color. Bottom line, I knit simple things.

While nosing about on the internet, I found a pattern for free on Ravelry and it was graded beginner. I read through the pattern and mulled over my potential for completing it more than a handful of times. It did seem simple, there were a few abbreviations that I had to familiarize myself with, but ultimately I decided to go for it!

Now my first attempt which is depicted in the photo, was a success. I mean it doesn't look as beautiful as the photo from the pattern, but it's not bad. My only problem? The pattern was for a 6 cup teapot, my largest teapot which is shown is only a 4 cup teapot. So now I have to seek out a bigger teapot for my cosy or knit a smaller cosy. Shucks. Since I kind of collect teapots I look forward to finding a larger one.

You may be wondering is it practical or just teapot fashion? I'm going to say practical and that it will absolutely extend the warmth of my tea, but lucky for me it is kinda cute.


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