I Took The Plunge, Please Come See!

I started Eat Play Love in 2007 and beyond a few tweaks of the header every so often and from 2 columns to 3, I've never changed the design. Hint: the DOTS are gone! Please come click through and see what I did to the place!

What do you think?

ps...I have to switch up my header to remove the rounded corners, but other than that I'm liking it.


  1. Looks wonderful. Love the tabs too.

  2. I'm really digging it. Gwen, the administrator at Top 100 Sober Blogs, did something similar with her site and it really caught my eye. I love a rustic look...brown, wood, earth colors, etc..


  3. I love the background - but the pink fonts in the sidebar are hard for me to read. Could be just my eyes? But I love the overall feel - except your blogroll needs updating. ;-)

  4. i dig, especially the wood background!

  5. Oh I like it! Very earthy and rustic :)


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