Inspired by Valentine's Day...

It's all about the inspiration. 
Are you feeling it?

Even though there wasn't a class party, the spirit of Valentine's Day was captured in her fanciness.
I want to be that cute. 

We typically buy Valentine's, but this year we made them.
Painting circles for handmade Valentine bookmarks. 
Watercolor with ribbon finished bookmarks in a follow up post. 

My day today was rounded out with a pickup of 46 cases, aka 552 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. 
Ah, the life of a volunteer. 
If I got paid for all the work I manage to juggle, I'd be on a beach right now. 


  1. How fun would it be to dress like that every day?!

    And I love the painted circles. I actually think that would look beautiful framed.

  2. SJ looks so cute :) Happy Valentine's Day!! Love and miss you.


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