Preschool Bentos, No Sandwich Needed...

Quite often, I fall into the "lunch must have a sandwich" mentality. Honestly, that's what I always had growing up, a sandwich with a few ziploc baggies on the side. Luckily with bentos we can literally let go of what a lunch must be and open our possibilities.

Both lunches I packed for my 4yo this week didn't even have bread! Bentos are the perfect way to switch up leftovers and make lunch more interesting (even if it is leftovers).

Top bento:
Mac n cheese with broccoli, strawberries, vege booty, and raisins.

Bottom bento:
Tri colored pasta, pepperoni, cheddar cheese, grapes, and a pickle. (She LOVED this one)


  1. Do you send the mac & cheese at room temp, or with a cold pack? My kiddo objects to the mouth feel of cold pasta, but I worry about bacteria. The other trouble that I'm running into is when I pack things like booty or crackers near fruit, my daughter reports that they were soggy & won't eat them. I've gotten so frustrated with the pickiness that I've basically given up on pretty lunches.

    I LOVE the pasta, pepperoni & cheese lunch idea, I'm going to try that one out on her since she *adores* pepperoni. It took me a few moments to work out what that pretty red flower-looking thing was next to the pasta. :)


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