Where Boulder Locals Go: Pizzeria Locale

Today I proved that I'm not like most women. I had a few hours of desperately needed free time and instead of getting a pedicure, running errands, or hitting the gym, I took myself to lunch. Pizzeria Locale opened a week ago Tuesday and I've been eagerly waiting for the right moment to pop in for lunch. I put the latest issue of Velo News in my purse and after preschool drop off, headed to Pearl Street.

I was dining solo, so the host offered me a spot at the bar. I happily accepted, as I was able to watch the chefs in action. I rested my arms on the gorgeous marble bar and daydreamed through the glass, staring longingly at the bowls of fresh lemons, hand tossed arugula, dough being gently coaxed from ball into a perfect circle ready for the oven, the buzz of bodies, small plates of delightful appetizers, and the hand shaving of a half wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Happily I was transported to a place and a feeling I haven't quite captured since the day I left Italy in tears.

The Stefano Ferrara oven was shipped from Italy and is the only one in Colorado. Rumor has it the opening of Pizzeria Locale was delayed due to an oven/customs debacle and this is actually a second oven that was shipped from Italy. Temperatures inside reach 1,000 degrees, it's beautifully round and dominates your attention as soon as you walk in the door. From what I've gathered, the master pizzaiolo spent over three months in Naples training for his position, gathering techniques, and soaking up the process. I will tell you, he was successfully trained.

I ordered the $9 lunch special it was the Antica (arugula insalate), Marinara pizza (san marzano tomatoes, garlic, oregano), and an iced tea of course. I opted to add fresh mozzerella di bufala for $4.

I should admit, I am not much of an arugula salad fan, but honestly I went for it knowing I wouldn't be disappointed. Right in front of my eyes, I watched the chef in his crisp white shirt and Molino Caputo hat, hand toss each salad with fresh lemon, olive oil, hand shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, and a perfect finishing off with aged balsamic. I came very close to ordering a second, but lucky for me my pie was out of the oven.

To my delight, the pizza filled the plate, the steam gently rose giving me a hint of what the Stefano Ferraro magically created. It was a marriage of the most simplest ingredients, but flavors bold and complex. I can't quite place what I liked best about it, the soft dough with just the perfect hints of crunchy crust, a delicate embrace of the mozzarella, or the surprise back notes of olive oil. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Don't be surprised when your pizza arrives uncut, dig in with your imported Italian knife.

My only gripe, too many English speaking patrons. If only they could pipe in Italian conversation, the experience would blow my mind.

Local tip, park a block down just east of 19th St, it's free. Meters end on the block between 18th and 19th on Pearl.

Pizzeria Locale
1730 Pearl St Boulder, CO 80302
Open Daily 11:30-2:30 and 4:30-10:30
They do accept reservations, 303.442.3003

I couldn't resist, ending this post with my favorite scene from Eat Pray Love. Tomorrow I'm off to buy some new jeans. Really, Julia Roberts could be sitting in Pizzeria Locale, except I have to admit, I think my pizza was better.

Disclosure, this was not a compensated post, I paid for this lunch, I will happily pay again and again and again and again....Bless the geniuses behind Pizzeria Locale!


  1. I love eating alone at restaurants. When my sons were very small, my husband would watch them so I could go to a restaurant and eat in peace. I went out for three hour lunches, drank a glass of wine or two, and had coffee with dessert. It was wonderful. Glad you had a nice lunch and enjoyed your own company. : )

  2. That is my favorite clip of the movie. I Youtube it over and over. The whole bit about being done with the guilt and just accepting who she is: perfect.

  3. OMG. When we do a hike, I want to follow it up THERE, ok? Provided it's at a time when your kiddos are in school.

    (Under other circumstances, I would avoid pizza like the plague.)

  4. ok I need to literally need to run there...and eat me up some of that yummy pizza:)

  5. Okay. I'm back. : ) My son, Duke, attended a camp in Golden last summer. We stayed in Boulder and my favorite part was trying new restaurants every evening. I missed this one, but your food looks delicious!

  6. Thanks for the review...can't wait to go now!

  7. Also, how often do we get to hear J. Roberts use the term 'muffin top' in a movie? Priceless.

  8. It's everything Italian that I, too, cried over when I left Italy. Including the fluorescent lights.


  9. I think we should have lunch here when I pick up my girl scout cookies.

  10. That pizza looks amazing. And now I'm hungry!

    1. The chef looks amazing.. and now I'M hungry!!


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