Tuesday Tips: My Favorite Brands Stance on GMO's? Whole Foods, Annie's Homegrown, Back To Nature, and SILK Soymilk's Response.

After the last couple of weeks and the passing of deregulated Genetically Engineered alfalfa by the USDA, all sorts of thoughts about GMO's (genetically modified organisms) have come rushing into my head. The long and short of it is, organic products are free of GMO's, it's part of the USDA organic certification process, but what about those "natural" products that aren't certified organic? 

Are those "natural" products full of GMO's?

I contacted 4 companies to get the word directly from them.

1. Annie's Homegrown (think cheddar bunnies, mac n cheese):
Thank you for taking the time to contact Annie's Homegrown. Genetically modified organism (GMO) refers to any genetic plant type that has had genes from a different species transferred into its genetic material using genetic engineering. 
Annie's Homegrown is opposed to the use of GMOs in our products and make every effort to insure that our suppliers furnish us with complete information so that we can adhere to this position. 
Thanks again for your inquiry. It's people like you who help make Annie's Homegrown a better company!
 2. Back To Nature (remember parent company, KRAFT aka Phillip Morris?):
Your feedback is very important and we'll do our best to respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.  Our representatives are here to assist you Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am  to 9pm  Eastern Standard Time, excluding holidays.
Technically they haven't responded to my inquiry, which was back in January. Bummer. Maybe I should conclude an answer to that question. 

3. Whole Foods, Specific inquiry about the 365 Everyday Line (Whole Foods private label):
Yes, our 365 products have been formulated without GMO ingredients.  We are working to have all of our 365 products labeled as GMO free through the Non GMO Project, however this is a process that will take time.  As new labels are updated and printed, you will begin to see more products with the Non GMO Verified seal on store shelves.
4. Silk Soymilk and Almondmilk:
Silk soymilk and almondmilk are certified non-GMO by the NON-GMO Project

A few easy ways to do your own research is with the Non-GMO Project's website, which has a list of brands and products. They also have a free application, so you can check on a favorite product while standing right in the grocery store. I use it all the time! I encourage you to call or email the company directly if you are still unsure if their products contain GMO's and you are trying to avoid them.

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  1. Well done! I love that you continue to research this issue and post your findings.

    Also, funny that even though Annie's Homegrown's response looks like a form response, it contains the wrong insure/ensure. Teehee.

  2. Great job contacting these companies! I always always try to buy non-GMO products. Hoping more companies will move that way too...

  3. Thanks for posting this.

    It's scary - and sad- that we can't be really sure what we are eating, what's in our food. I read labels, don't buy dyes or processed, but still, I bet there's a lot in there that we don't know about.

  4. Are we not at all surprised that the BIG corporation didn't really answer your question?

  5. Wanted to let you know: I like your new format. It's easier to read your posts now, fewer distractions.

  6. Fantastic work! Thanks for sharing the results of your research. It's great to find out how easy it can be to take the time to learn more about what we eat (and how some companies just never get around to answering those pertinent questions :P ... Lol). Seriously, thanks for the post. It's great info to have.

  7. Great work! Thanks for doing the research.

  8. So glad you're following up on this. The more I think about food and where it comes from and what it does to/for us, the more I want pure foods. I've finally gotten to the point that I suck it up and always get organic produce, and am now paying for organic butter and juice and things of that sort. I figure they're more concentrated, so would have more ick in them. GMOs are next. :/ I'll get that app and be glad to have it. :)


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