House Guests and Lots of House Work!

The last time I updated was the night before my husband went on a long business trip. He was in a remote part of British Columbia with no cell service and was flying in a helicopter daily, which means if he didn't call me I had no idea that he was back at the lodge safe every night. Let's just leave it at, he's not so great at calling, so I spent much of the week trying to distract myself from worry.  Lucky for me, my parents came to visit to help me out with the girls and around the house. We got so much accomplished.

I had a lot of little things that needed taking care of, I started a list on the chalkboard and we kept on updating it as we finished projects.

This is what we accomplished:

  1. Balance the washing machine, my whole house shook during the spin cycle because it wasn't properly balanced. If your washer does that, get out a level and adjust the feet until it's centered.
  2. Adjust the front door lock. Something so little, but annoying. My key was so hard to unlock the door and it frustrated me multiple times daily!
  3. We had a grey laminate end panel on our lower cabinets next to the dishwasher that stuck out like a sore thumb! I stained some wooden sheeting we had to match the cabinets and my dad cut and installed it. It looks awesome! Amazing what little changes do for overall effect.
  4. PAINT! Living room, kitchen, hallway, and guest room ceiling! Guest room and laundry room walls! Wow! It's amazing what a couple of days effort and how fresh paint can transform a space.
  5. Put up crown moulding in the guest room, lovely touch.
  6. Organize the garage. After the move the garage was stacked with boxes, bicycles were stored in various places including the patio because we just didn't have space. Now all the tools are organized, boxes have been emptied, bicycles hung, shelves put up! It looks awesome. 
  7. Patio organized, we have a huge covered patio off of our living room that housed all overflow of random stuff from our move and house projects we've completed. The patio is now free of debris, bins, and junk! The girls can play soccer out there now and even scooter around. 
  8. The oversized trash we had from projects couldn't be recycled because of it's material and I couldn't throw it away because of it's size. My dad was gracious enough to cut it all down for me so I can properly dispose of it. For example, my bedroom closet and 1/2 bath had 4 foot sliding doors on them, two to be exact and they were a pickle to get rid of! I am happy to report they are no longer an eye sore on my patio. 
  9. While my mom hung out with the girls, I was able to take some time to work in the yard trimming back bushes and trees that were very overgrown. Our yard is sort of terraced in the very back and the neighbor's bushes were taking over so badly we couldn't even walk back there. Now it's free and clear! I probably have a pile about 15ft x 15ft and about 10ft high to be recycled. Bonus, I got to use trimmers, an ax, and a saw! 

Here's a glimpse of the newly painted laundry room and guest room:

(sorry both taken with iPhone, will update with real photos soon)


  1. Wow! You guys have been busy!! I'm surprised you've had time to play words with friends with me!

  2. The paint looks great! Always so nice to have family help. Can't wait for mine to come early May.


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