Tuesday Tips: How To Create A Circle Chalkboard Wall Feature With Paint!

I had a huge empty wall that simply had a wire with clips to rotate out a display of the girls' artwork, postcards, or anything we were finding visually pleasing. I felt like it needed something, so I decided to create a chalkboard feature on the wall using chalkboard paint. Of course I didn't just want to make a simple rectangle, I wanted a circle. I set out to find a resource online of how to make a 6 foot circle with chalkboard paint on my wall, but came up empty handed.

Basically I just had to go for it. There was no way to make a huge stencil for the circle. I decided I was going to paint it by hand, and if I wasn't happy with how the outer edge turned out at that point I could turn it into a rectangle. Tips and tricks after the photos!

Here are the visuals of my process:

Tips and Tricks:

  • During the pencil drawing stage, double check the placement of your circle and make sure you are happy with it. I actually erased mine so it would be centered better in between the wire clips. It's much easier to erase pencil than to repaint  a wall. 
  • Have a wet rag ready to go once you start painting the outer edge by hand. Sometimes the paint globs up and it's very easy to correct while the paint is fresh and wet. 
  • Purchase a special high density foam roller, I had no problems with it covering or creating a smooth, even surface. 
  • I did not paint a second coat on my edge that I painted by hand, I just applied the paint thick at that point. 
  • Follow manufacturer's directions on the paint can for drying times in between coats and how long it takes for the paint to actually cure before you can use it. You need to cover the entire circle with chalk and wipe with a dry rag before actually drawing. 
  • This paint was purchased at a big box hardware store, in black. They do make a version you can have colored with about 12 color options. 
  • I painted this 6 foot circle in one night after my girls went to bed, both coats. 

Enjoy! Questions, please feel free to ask.



  1. I am your 101 follower! LOL I thought that was cool :) I love this idea! Think I might try it myself!


  2. It looks excellent. Ginny was telling me they do magnetic paint now too. I didn't realise you could buy other colours very cool. Can't wait to see it in person.

  3. Very, very cool! I bet you guys are going to realy enjoy this.

  4. Oh my gosh, I love this! You are very artistic Denise. How fun :)

  5. I love it! Great job Denise!

  6. I love this! Thank you! I want to try this in my children's playroom. Great idea, and looks easy enough for even ME to do! ;)

  7. LOVE it! What a fun thing to have in your home {and I'm about to paint an odd-shaped, angular wall in one of my daughter's rooms in chalkboard paint so I appreciate the tips!}

  8. How adorable! I am WAY impressed by your steady hand!

    Love that it is such a statement and all about your kids!


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