Upgrade My Mac & Cheese, Yes Please!

A couple of weeks ago when my husband was traveling in remote parts of British Columbia, I was graciously offered some comfort food in the comfort of my home. Meaning, a delivered meal to feed the girls and I. My parents just happened to be in town as well and I can't quite recall what project my father and I were elbow deep in, but I clearly remember when the door bell rang how incredibly excited I felt that dinner had arrived. To tell you the truth, I am sure my mom was even more thrilled because she cooked for us all week. She likes to spoil us like that, there's no replacing my mom's home cooking, or so I thought.

On to the Mac & Cheese...

We are no strangers to Noodles' Mac & Cheese, it's what the girls order every time we walk in the door. Even when I was pregnant I had cravings for the Mac & Cheese with broccoli and chicken. Really their classic Mac & Cheese can't be beat, but Noodles decided to kick it up a notch. For a limited time they are offering Bacon, Mac and Cheeseburger, Southwest Chili Mac, and Truffle Mac with Baby Portabellas.

We were delivered one of each of the new flavors, a portion of the classic, a family sized salad, and some focaccia to accompany the dinner. I love the family sized salad because it means my girls will dig in, for some reason whenever there is a huge bowl of salad in front of them, they have at it!

The photo right next to the salad is of our tasting plates. Everyone tried each kind and we decided to take a vote on which one was the favorite of the group. The winner surprised me because my daughter's run hot and cold with their willingness to eat beans, but the Southwestern Chili Mac was the top pick, receiving 4 out of 5 votes. I of course went with the Truffle Mac with Baby Portabellas because the combination of white truffle oil, delicate, but hearty mushrooms, and house made breadcrumbs was delicious. The SW Chili Mac was my second favorite, I particularly enjoyed the spiciness of the chili and the richness of the cheese with the macaroni was just perfect! We typically enjoy our chili over pasta, so this combination was especially delightful.

I almost failed to mention, five of us ate dinner and we even had enough left overs to freeze and send some with the girls for lunch! Mac and Cheese for the win!

The bad news is these dishes are in Noodles and Company for a limited time only and they don't deliver. It was a special exception for me. Although I have introduced the concept of curbside pickup before with my favorite local Noodles and Company! Isn't that a great idea?

Disclosure, Noodles and Company provided me dinner at no charge. When I enjoy a meal, I enjoy sharing my experience. All thoughts and photos are mine, Noodles was just kind enough to provide the inspiration! 


  1. Looks delicious! Perhaps some recipe inspirations for your personal kitchen? I love the idea of the truffle mac and cheese. I'm really into truffle butter these days.

  2. We love noodles, will need to check it out.


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