200 Hikes Day 14: Bask In The Warmth

It hit me as I walked from my house to the trailhead, that today was the warmest day in our house since we moved in, which was just a few months ago in wintery December. Then, the notion of "walking from my house to the trailhead" resonated in me.

Deep, deep resounding happiness.

While I would never say I questioned the selling of our home, I would comfortably say that I was hesitant to leave the home we created. We loved our space and made it ours over 8 years, but it truly was time to move on. The transition to our new space has been an adjustment and the longer we are here, as pictures appear in their proper place on the wall, as the wall colors transform, as the sectional sofa is delivered, as the bicycles are hung in the garage, as the washing machine is finally leveled, as the cupboards are properly organized, as the walk in cedar closet is balanced with everyday items and items for future use, our new house is turning into our home. I guess I assumed it would be with the unpacking of boxes and the setting up of our beds, but now I realize it's a journey to what we envision and part of that is letting go of what I held onto from our former home.

Which brings me back to today and my walk to a hike. My home sits in the shadows of the most gorgeous and picturesque Rocky Mountains and with the arrival of Spring and beautiful weather the sunshine is radiating from places beyond the sky. My hiking partner, a sister that came to me in a form of a friend instead of birth mother, joined me. I love hiking with friends, sharing the trail, a conversation, and today a nice sweat. Next time, we may just have to reward ourselves with a pint or a chai post-hike, they are both in walking distance as well. Decisions are made and opportunities arise, it's just looking in the right places to find them.

This photo, I captured in a quick moment is untouched, the sky is a backdrop of the most amazing blue color.


  1. Such a gorgeous day to enjoy what's around us, indeed. I couldn't help but go out a third time for a dedicated walk after the Farmers' Market and then the wine store.

  2. THAT, my friend, is Colorado Blue. And I'm going to miss it terribly.

  3. So beautiful. I have sisters like that - heart sisters - priceless.

  4. Loved this post, Denise! You sound so content. I'm so glad your house is becoming your own. We moved into our place in December of 2008 and I remember being so pleased when spring finally arrived.

  5. that cloud really does look unreal...lets do it again! Love, your sister

  6. SO beautiful! How nice to have a hiking partner too to share it with.


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