Join Us In Giving Books To Read Baby C in The NICU

As many of you know, Carmen @GranolaMom went in for a scheduled cesarian on Thursday April 14th, to deliver her baby boy, Camden. After his birth, Camden was in respiratory distress and taken to the NICU. It was also discovered while under care in the NICU that Baby C was born with only one kidney. He has proven to be a very strong baby and his lungs are healing, but he is still in critical condition. Each day many of us are following along, waiting for updates from Carmen on Baby C's progress. The outpouring of prayers and support for the family has been a beautiful thing to witness. Follow along here #prayersforcamden

Carmen asked last night on twitter, What's a good children's book to read to my baby boy while in the NICU?

Suggestions came in and then Carmen mentioned, "can't wait to get to a bookstore". Carmen has been staying at the hospital and has two girls at home to also look after when she is discharged, so I don't think a trip to the bookstore will be high on her priority list. That's when I had the idea, why don't we send Baby C some books instead? I was blessed to have a book shower thrown by friends before Sj was born. We still cherish those books. 

Book Shower for Baby Camden! 

This is going to be very simple. Send your favorite children's book to me, please sign it with your name and twitter handle (as per Carmen's request) and I will send a lovely box of books to Carmen. I don't want to wait to gather all the books at once and I know this will be an ongoing process, receiving books. Instead I am hoping to send out a box weekly. I will happily collect books for the next month or longer if there is still interest. 

All you need to do is email me at:

eatplaylove (at) gmail (dot) com

Please put, Baby C/Book Shower or something to the like in the subject line, so they don't get misfiled. 

I will provide you with my home address.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me! 

Can't wait to show our support to Carmen, her family, and Baby C.

Here's a blog to follow along on Baby Camden's progress, updated by Carmen's brother.