Review with Video: Petz Bunnyz Bunch for Nintendo DS, A Dream Come True!

My 7 year old daughter's favorite animal in the whole wide world is a bunny. For years I avoided the endless requests for a pet bunny, instead I'd buy her a new bunny stuffed animal or random bunny trinket. But after a while, the stuffed animals are quite boring and the requests would start up again, well until last Spring. Last year we found out my daughter is allergic to rabbits, so her hopes and dreams to finally have a bunny as a pet were dashed. I was a bit relieved because I would have no idea how to care for a bunny, but I was also sad for her. She had to let go of her dream of having her very own bunny.

Then I happened upon an advertisement for Petz Bunnyz Bunch game for the Nintendo DS. Funny enough, a few days later I was asked if I wanted to review the game. I happily agreed. I was sent a copy and from the moment it was received, my daughter has been thrilled!

There are 8 different breeds of bunnyz to adopt, they all have their own personalities. My daughter has decided to just care for one bunny, so she can give it a lot of care and attention. I loved how the bunny responds to the way she pets it, my daughter has a little ritual of petting her, followed by brushing, and then pulling little hairballs out of her fur. I like those little details that show how important it is to take special care of pets, she also feels like she is giving her bunny the best care she can. Of course there are a variety of foods, games, and ways to decorate the bunnyz living space. There's also an option to send your bunnyz to Petz World virtual world, but we haven't tried that feature yet!

From Sj, In her words:
My bunny "Cutie" is so lovable and nice. I only play with her, not the other ones my sister bought. It's my favorite DSi game right now. I love how it feels like I have a real bunny. My favorite mini game is the obstacle course, it has different levels you have to earn up to. My bunny isn't fussy, she likes to eat almost everything I feed her, my favorite is the clover. I always look to see if there's a four leaf clover. I'd have to say the bunny game rocks because it's my favorite animal. 
If you are looking for a great alternative to loads of sugar for an upcoming bunny-centric holiday, I'd have to say two thumbs up for Petz Bunnyz Bunch!

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  1. Ms. E would love that!! Especially if it were a baby chick!

  2. My sisters got to review this game for me.... and we too had a little virtual bunny named "Cutie"... and another named "Cutey".... they decided to have as many bunnies as possible.

    Not a game for me, but my sisters LOVED it... We're sending it to our 5 year old niece for easter. :)


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