Snippet: Collective Accumulation

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the collective accumulation of the smallest things. The tissue that fell on the floor on the way to the trash can that wasn't picked up, the wax from the cheddar cheese used to make a sandwich that also fell to the floor and became waxy glued to the floor, the shoes that can't make it four feet into the closet just strewn about my living room, a sock and washcloth just sitting there in the hallway. It all adds up to one big mess!

Now I realize, all these things I am most annoyed by are on the floor and I'm 5'11" so I suppose it's no coincidence I get sick of bending over.


  1. YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! That's it! Me tooooooooo!!!!!! LOL

  2. I just picked up about 10 items to put away - off the floor - on my way over to the computer. There is a reason why people adopt the "minimalism" look for their home decor.

  3. I had no idea you are so tall! Jealous!

  4. My new rule is....if I have to pick it up off the floor and it doesn't belong to me....I throw it in the trash.


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