Snippets of California Dreaming...

Unfortunately I don't have the card in my possession that holds the photos of our amazing trip to Los Angeles, but soon enough I will be uploading them and sharing! In the meantime I thought I could quickly share some snippets that highlight my trip and the real posts will follow.

I was reminded what excellent travelers my girls are. Fabulous on the airplane and really great about long days and big adventures every day. I was exhausted, so they must've been, but they had such a great spirit about the whole vacation.
DisneyLand was so much fun, one whole day was just enough for me. I don't quite know how people spend a week there. If you do, what in the world do you eat because destination food (as I have started to call it) is really, really indulgent. 
Sj and I rode awesome rollercoasters together for the first time ever! Space Mountain and California Screaming! She's a champ and my new amusement park partner in crime. 
The food, oh my the food in Los Angeles is amazing. Raw food restaurants, vegan restaurants, Japanese, one the of the best burgers I've ever eaten. You may not believe this, but  I didn't have a cupcake when I was there. Not one. I'm fine with it, I felt like I was consuming 5,000 calories a day, I didn't need a cupcake! Sigh. 
Hiking! I hiked in Griffith Park, the backdrop was the Hollywood sign. Hello awesome. 
I discovered Little Osaka on this trip and was able to sneak in some bento shopping and pick up some cute items from Japan for the girls! 
Friends, I was able to visit with an old college bestie of mine. She's such an amazing woman, we had so much fun together which included so much chatting we closed a restaurant with out even knowing what was going on around us! We are dangerous together, the best kind of dangerous there is. 
The beach! The girls collected sea shells, we just hung out and took in the ocean and everything it has to offer. Unfortunately GL did not get the memo that we wouldn't actually be swimming in the ocean, she is still disappointed about that. We even lugged our swimsuits to her dismay. 
Shopping, while I didn't make it to IKEA, I did make it to a bunch of great shops, many that I had only been to in London. Hello Santa Monica, much easier to get to than London! 
Palm trees, flowers, humidity, sunshine...


  1. LA does have a lot to offer. So glad you had a great time! I want to hear more about the best burger you had. I also can't see how people could spend a whole week at Disneyland, but Disneyworld is a WHOLE other scenario.


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