Good Bye May, Blather, Blather?!?

Oh May, May has come and now is almost gone.

My garden beds have been receiving the bulk of my attention these days. My girls have turned into wonderful gardeners as well, pulling weeds, identifying herbs, planning garden bed spacing, digging holes, adding compost, sowing seeds, and most importantly watering. This week, we shall commence all the garden fun with installation of a drip system in our raised garden bed! Even my husband was in on the action when he took down a large limb that was blocking sunshine from our precious garden space, the loud roars of a chainsaw wailed through the neighborhood on a quiet Monday. On a related note, I have been fighting, with the help of hydrocortisone cream, some serious leg rash that was a result of getting right in the thick of a weed infested flowerbed in my front yard. Itch, itch, sigh...

If all goes as planted, we shall enjoy chard, spinach, heirloom lettuce, 5 varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, green chilis, herbs (cilantro, parsley, basil, oregano, lavender), zucchini, and green beans. If you are on instagram, I'm using #Dgarden2011 to visually record my garden's process, so find the hashtag and enjoy.

Related Randomness:
School is out and our summer is not even close to penciled in. I like it that way, we have plenty of time for spur of the moment adventures, some camping, and lots of lounging. I'll be checking back in on this brilliant idea, say the first week of July, and I am sure the post will be titled "What Was I Thinking".

I'm still keeping up with My Fitness Pal, but took the weekend off. I've decided recording every morsel of food that enters my body is a bit too tedious for my taste, so I will tow the line Monday-Friday and relax the other days. The changes I have been making are paying off and I am even running a little bit. I amazed myself the other evening when I was on my typical walking route and decided about 15 minutes into it that I should run. So I ran. That was awesome. Things are changing and it excites me.

I've got a few posts brewing in my head, but having one of those delicate balance moments. Trying to capture the right words to say with out my feelings being too much. Most on the front burner right now, relationships, of course. I watch my daughter struggle with some friendships and have fabulous moments with the same friends, all within the course of one morning. I just want to tell her the lessons she's learning now she'll take through life with her, as things don't really seem to change in that regard when you are an adult. Sigh.

Goals for June, focus, blog, water garden, enjoy the moment, embrace the change.

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