Lunch in Minutes: Cucumber Avocado Roll

We made rolls for dinner last night, so I was sure to save enough sushi rice to make Sj a roll for her lunch today. I don't make the roll the night before because the nori can get soggy and in turn very chewy, which to me presents a bit of a danger for the kids to eat.

Cucumber, avocado, sushi rice w/a side of Brocco Shoots.
Organic strawberries, mango.
Joyful Rabbit contains gluten free, gmo free Tamari.


  1. I wish my kids would eat sushi.

    Maybe if we get my kids together with Sj...and she shows them how good it is?

    Great job!

    P.S. I sent my husband's lunch in a light blue child's bento box the other day and his co-workers made fun of him. :(


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