My Food Diary: Staring Into That Mirror I Always Walk Past...

On Monday I downloaded the app for my iPhone called My Fitness Pal. It's also a website, in case you are interested in starting a journal of the foods you eat, with the added bonus of nutritional information built in. While I use the word, DIET, with much hesitation using MFP is like being on a diet. For the most part I feel like I eat very healthy, but I have some lingering pounds that I would like to be rid of. I don't exercise consistently, which is also another problem.

Recording every thing you eat and staring boldly at the numbers of a tablespoon of almond butter, a teaspoon of olive oil, 15 tortilla chips, 3oz of spinach, or a banana has really opened my eyes to how I eat. I'm only one week into this program and I will eat driven by the simple notion of is that something I want to contribute to my daily caloric totals? For me it's powerful, but I'm not quite sure how to gauge how long this novelty will last, is it a phase or a commitment for life? Of course I want it to be the latter, but my drive will ultimately tell.

Beyond facing a very stark reflection of struggling with carrying extra weight, the food diary has influenced me in positive ways. Take for example today, I rode my bicycle to drop off forms to the school's office and then over to the library to pick up my books that were on hold, instead of driving. They are both in the neighborhood and although riding my bicycle should be the norm, I most easily hop in my car. After dinner on Tuesday we took a family bicycle ride on a street that dead ends into a pretty steep hill climb. Typically after dinner, I enjoy a little peace and quiet while J takes the girls outside to play. Now I am excited to add aerobic activity into my MFP journal.

I have to tell myself it's the little things that will add up. It's the bicycle ride to the school, the power walk post dinner, it's skipping a food chuck full of calories/fat in favor of a food that will fuel my body's needs better. For now MFP is the little boost I need to pick up some momentum, concrete numbers are positive reinforcement. I have a habit of telling myself my jeans are tight because they were dried in the dryer instead of line dried. I have a habit of not looking in the mirror at myself when I am not fully clothed. Before I didn't want to see, but now I am looking at myself straight on in more than one regard. I am ready to love what I see.



  1. All of this is so hard to do when you have kids. It's a real commitment - especially of time. I think that's what hold so much of us back too - more than we would guess. You have to devote extra minutes to walking instead of driving, you have to plan ahead so that you're not racing to the car at the 11th hour of grabbing a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese at noon when the kids are whining that they're hungry. It actually requires slowing down and thinking about what you should be eating as opposed to what "there is to eat." Write more about this. I need a role model!

  2. I did something similar with Get Fit, I think it's called; Lance Armstrong's website. It helped tremendously and made me conscious of what I ate. Since fresh produce is so wonderful right now, I've been buying loads of it, chopping it up and snacking on it throughout the day.
    Good for you!

  3. My dear you have one the healthiest diets of anyone I know and I am of the opinion that calories in do NOT equal calories out and vice versa. You could probably teach courses on healthy eating and cooking, my bet is these pounds you speak of (that I have yet to actually see on you) would melt off super fast with some more consistent exercise. Let's go on a bike ride together or hike or run!! I started lifting heavy things up and putting them pack down and it really transforms body shape, quite amazingly really. Either way you are quite beautiful and shouldn't be hard on yourself.

  4. i have that app as well. i can honestly say that when you are paying such close attention to what you are putting into your body, the results will show....keep up the exercise!


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