A Magic Moment, Ben Harper Style... (with By My Side video)

Ben Harper rolled through Denver the past two nights and played the Ogden Theater. I've seen my fair share of Ben shows since 1997 and last night came pretty close to topping the list of my all time favorite show. The Ogden Theater packs a crowd of 1,300 when sold out and during a hot few days in Denver, the venue was like an oven. I can nonchalantly say I've had the pleasure of meeting Ben over the years, more than a handful of times. I will admit, he really takes a moment to listen to whatever blathering on happens when you are standing in front of him, for that I adore him even more.

Last night J and I grabbed a spot in the balcony on the railing. The energy level of the show was through the roof, Ben played for 3 hours. It was an amazing night and my heart was full from the experience. Just shy of midnight, Ben was thanking the crowd, the lights were raised to the balcony, Ben was looking up in various sections. He caught a glimpse of me in my t-shirt from 1999 (hey it still fits, I had to represent), then did a second take, still looking right at me, and pointed up to me and smiled. I pointed right back at him with the smile that filled my face. Of course I wanted to turn around like Molly Ringwald in 16 Candles and see if he really was looking at me, but I didn't have to. I knew he was. Even J had a huge grin on his face. 

It was a magic moment... I still haven't come down.

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