School let out in May, so we are full swing into summer. Summer sunshine gracing us from early morning until the wee hours when "it's not quite bedtime Mom, it's still very sunny out." Summer may be the only time I constantly curse those darkening curtains I paid a pretty penny for, as they don't stand a chance in the summer sun. While this summer has to be the most casual and under booked summer in the past few years, we have been incredibly entertained with so many summertime things to do, including, but not limited to:

S'mores with peanut butter cups instead of chocolate squares (divine people, divine)
Backyard camping (hey campgrounds fill up in January in Colorado, sigh)
Real camping in July
Dinner with friends
Lots of picnics, at parks with friends
Friday coffee
A special farm dinner
Cycling as a family, even up mountains
Hiking solo, with friends, and as a family
Garden nurturing
Garden watering
Garden weeding
Garden water line set up
Flower planting
Weeding leading to very bad leg rash
2 nights of Ben Harper, with said rashy legs strategically covered
A little shout out from Ben
Lots of girl time
A visit from some dear friends
A first ever neighborhood potluck
Finally meeting and getting to know my next door neighbors
After dinner walks
Scaling the construction fence at school so we could check on the garden
Many bicycle rides to the new Frozen Yogurt Shoppe
Brew Pub
Finally organizing my bedroom closet moving in 6 months ago
Lots of library time (which reminds me, I must pick up my book that's on hold)
Farmer's Market
Breakdancing at Band on the Bricks
Sleepovers and American Girl Dolls
Loving the first fabulous summer back in Boulder
A new blue swing
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Butterfly Pavilion
Cupcakes from Sprinkles Bakery and Georgetown Cupcakes
Scootering to the park
Learning to skateboard off the curb into the street
Awesome frisbee moves between Sj and J
Relaxation and smiles, for it's summertime