Bountiful Panda Bento

One of the best finds I ever made for making lunch packing fun and easy are Japanese Floral Vegetable Cutters. I have two sets and they easily cut through vegetables like carrots. They are deeper and made of a sturdier metal than just regular cookie cutters. I love using my mini-cupcake silicone cups for panda, they were perfectly for the top layer.

Today I was successful meeting my fresh fruit and vegetable standard! 3 Vegetables, 1 fruit, 1 fruit strip (made from 100% fruit).

Whole Wheat bread, Applegate turkey, sharp cheddar cheese, cut with cookie cutter 
Vegetable straws
Cherry Tomatoes 
Carrots, green grapes, cucumbers
Mystery item in the corner? Fruit strips cut into flowers (dessert). 


  1. Where would one find such wonderous cutters? Because I've been trying to cut them with a knife, and you can imagine how lovely watermelon looks when you butcher it!

  2. If you search "Japanese Vegetable Cutters" online you will find them. I have purchased both in stores, the small set from a local Kitchen Shop and the second in Los Angeles at a Japanese Shop. I think there are actual pictures of them in the "bento tips" section.


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