I Forgot The Bread... Bento

Yesterday, I picked up my daughter from school and we had a leisure lunch at the grocery store. We then decided it was the best time to do some shopping. Apparently I didn't walk down the bread aisle because it wasn't until this morning that I realized, I forgot the bread. Our grocery store has just gone under a major renovation, so I am still getting used to where everything is.

Lucky for Sj my husband made pancakes for breakfast this morning, so she's going to have a pancake peanut butter and jelly for her sandwich. Oops. Maybe breakfast for lunch will be a regular theme at Colorado Bento.

You may also notice, I have a few new bentos! The nice people at LunchBots sent me a set of three 100% stainless steel bentos (even the lids). Today I packed the Duo and Pico. I must add I felt like I had room to add more food if I needed, but they seem plenty full enough for a school age girl to me. Just in case you are wondering, the stainless steel divider on the inside is fixed in the center, it is not moveable like other stainless steel bentos I own from Japan. They do sell the Uno and Eco, which are just one open space, they have no divider and are larger in size.

Duo (left):
plum, carrot flowers, fig, broccoli, grape tomatoes

Pico (right):
PB&J pancake sandwich, pretzel sticks

Disclosure: As I mentioned I received the LunchBots for free from the company to use when packing lunches in the morning. All ideas and feedback about the LunchBots are my own. 


  1. We've used Pancakes before too. Plus i always keep some crackers around in case we run out of bread.

  2. My kiddos LOVE breakfast for lunch or dinner! I'm sure this was a hit with her. :) Mine had pancakes yesterday and they all loved it.


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