I Looked Out My Window, Not In My Mirror...

As it turns out, this story has two parts. But the first part involves a pretty itchy and gnarly looking rash, so for the moment, I'm cutting straight to part two. I was put on prescription medication for the aforementioned rash and well, it turns out the side effects were endless amounts of energy! Woo-hoo, hop on board the prescription drug train... I have said this and I will happily repeat it, if the prescription I was given did not have such awful side effects for long term use, I may have been interested in seeking out alternative methods of procuring these magical white pills. I must confess, I'm not much of a Doctor or prescription person (haven't been on one since giving birth almost 5 years ago) so I decided to ride the wave while it lasted.

Where was I going with this? I know my story was much deeper than magical rash-be-gone white pills, that I'm currently tapering off of.

Ah yes, the rash, the energy, the change.

I believe the initial surge of energy played itself out wonderfully in my home. Day 1 on the pills was a trip to the grand opening of IKEA, which then lead to building furniture and rearranging my living room. It was a beautiful domino affect of calm that has swept over my home, directly related to my new purchases. Bless you, IKEA. Then from those grandiose gestures, like wow there's a table in the middle of the living room, look at that organized bookshelf, and is that a new counter top with cabinet in your kitchen, the trickle down affect was just as splendiferous to me. Level two was all the laundry was washed, dried, folded, and put away! Holy, I will admit I didn't even think that was possible, unless you had a staff like Oprah. But friends, let me tell you it is possible and it feels glorious. The first three days on the strongest dosage of the medicine I was averaging about 5 hours sleep and I didn't blink an eye when it was time to rise.

Which leads me to this cosmic personal awakening I had to compliment everything else.

A friend casually asks me to join her on a 31 mile bicycle ride (umm, confession she's a freaking triathlete). I agree nonchalantly, even with the knowledge that she doesn't exercise casually, but pretty specifically and hardcore. I think, ah it can't be that bad. I feel very comfortable in the saddle so I agreed knowing the worst that could happen is that I would have to beg her to turn around before I collapsed into a wilted hot puddle on the side of Left Hand Canyon Drive. I spend the next couple of days trying not to over think it aka change my mind. She's kind enough to convince me there are other routes we can take on our way to the starting spot, but I suck it up and tell her let's go for it.

Go for it, we did, INDEED. I'm guesstimating a 1,500-2,000 feet elevation gain from where we started given a series of hills on our way in from 36. This is the halfway point, so it's all fun and wee! down hill from here (cue extra big smile).

The important lesson learned from this very simple invitation to go for a ride? Agree to 31 miles on the bicycle and boom, you can do it. I'm way more stronger than I give myself credit for. Then the wheels start turning, no pun intended, and I wonder exactly how strong I really am? If I just piggy back on one awesome bicycle ride, with a few hikes, and maybe two more steep hill climbs in a week, I may just set myself up for some success. I can feel it.

In a random turn of events from feeling absolutely pitiful when I was a rash covered mess, to a step in a positive direction to just do it, I feel like I've had a little New Year's tidal wave of fortune. I'm loving it.

I end with this, on my way down the mountain, zooming at high speeds, still pedaling to gain even more speed, I was singing a Ben Harper song out loud. Those serious roadie cycling folks with shaved legs and matching spandex kits were probably wondering, what in the world? This quote from a Ben Harper song was stuck in my head:


  1. I can see/feel your strange energy in your writing of this post. I could never just do 31 miles of cycling - I've barely been on a bike since junior high!

  2. I saw that tweet and starred it. Great quote! That's awesome that you did that ride and felt so great after/during!

  3. Glad you did the ride and enjoyed it, your hubby must be well chuffed! Enjoy the energy while it lasts.

  4. I'm so glad you went on a ride! You'll have to make it a monthly outing. Hope the rash is gone too.

  5. Lol, it is amazing what you can do with sleepless energy after your chores are done! I bet you were sore the following morning! Take care, and thanks for sharing.


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