I'm Asking For The Sweetest Favor Ever... Make a Pie With Me On Friday?

At this point I am sure the saying is beyond cliche, but Twitter is my water cooler. I enjoy spending the days with my girls, but sometimes I need some adult conversation. I crave interaction and Twitter comfortably fills the void for me. I've seen circles form, bonds strengthen, and friendships flourish all within the constraints of 140 characters or less, all within the sea of millions.

Sometimes you find out you share a homemade Pizza Friday tradition with one of your friends on Twitter, sometimes you discover you both had to go on heavy meds for a severe reaction to Poison Ivy, and it wouldn't be crazy to learn you both grew up a few towns away from each other in Upstate New York. Which is just a few reasons why, Twitter is my happy place.

As with life, from time to time, unthinkable circumstances fall heavily in the laps of friends that are just on the other side of the computer screen. This week, someone I would easily call a friend (note whom I've never had the great fortune to meet, yet) and a true gem of Twitter had her world come crashing down around her. She lost her husband to a sudden heart attack, within a moment her life and the lives of her two daughters, were forever changed. I don't hesitate to mention, Jennie is a woman that clearly is special, she has a heart of gold, and truly stands out as someone that comes from a place of such beautiful intention. She shines in the kitchen and shares her love for cooking with all of us.

Now this is where I ask a favor, a favor that would lift up Jennie during a very difficult time and show her the love that is felt for her around the country and even around the world.

Jennie asked the other day if we would all make her husband Mikey's favorite pie this Friday, in celebration of his life. How can we say no, to Creamy Peanut Butter Pie? Surely we can all indulge in this special request, I certainly am.

Please let her words and recipe do the explaining, here's her post For Mikey.

If you do make a pie, could you send me a photo either on Twitter or via email, I'd love to share it!


It's not in my nature to bake something that would just feed my family's needs. So there was a Creamy Peanut Butter Pie and 12 individual pies to be hand delivered.

For Mikey, Jennifer, and their girls (I&V).

If you'd like to see the community support, click this link, #apieformikey 


  1. If I weren't traveling that day, I would definitely do this. What a reminder of love and loss. My heart goes out to her and her girls.

  2. I wish I could do this with you....For Mikey.

    As you know...I'm sugar, gluten free at the moment.

    Will be thinking of Jennie tomorrow.


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