It's not digital and I absolutely love it...

Some of you already know this little tidbit about me and some of you may be surprised by what I am going to confess. It's not quite a deep dark secret, but rather a little odd. I love the digital world, the convenience of my devices, keeping up with new applications, and maintaining a connection to the constant evolution of the technologically based world we live in. Ah heck, let's just say I love the digital age.

Except for...

Well the photo gives it away, but except for my paper planner. I even have a special pen from Japan that I use exclusively with my paper planner. I write out all the things I need to do, places I need to be, appointments, schedules, classes, sports activities, make lists, doodle, and even dream, all in one make me ridiculously happy paper planner. Funny enough, on the other hand I have friends that barely text with their flip phones, but sing the praises of Google Calendar. I just can't find a digital calendar that appeals to me, like a Moleskine Planner in my hands.

Can you hold on a moment, I need to pencil that in...


  1. I LOVE my paper planners too. I do use my calender in my iphone but then I put everything in my paper planner and a big calender we have in our office on the wall. I managed a salon for 16 years and people would be so shocked I used a paper appointment book instead of a computer...never, would have changed it and til this day they still use the same appointment planner...there is just something about pen and paper that makes me happy!!

  2. I'm so with you. My calendar has to be on paper or it doesn't exist. I just recently bought my first Moleskine planner as well (in red) and am head over heels in love.

  3. ...says the woman who wants addresses for secret letterbox meetings TEXTED TO HER PHONE. *ahem* ;)

    I used to be a paper-planner-all-the-way kinda girl, (I loved Franklin-Covey), but then I dabbled with a Palm Pilot when they were new a million years ago and fell madly in love. I loved it even when it didn't sync properly. Now that I have a Droid and items appear magically (and correctly! Without "sync'ing!") in all of the places I need them to automatically, I can never go back.

  4. I use to be right there with you, but recently we have been using google calendar as my hubby pays no attention to the paper one. it seems to be working out not to bad although i still keep the paper one too. Either way with all the things we have going on we all need something!

  5. I use both. I found a calendar at Target that has the week on one side and a whole page for notes. I'm using it as a school calendar and writing about the week on the blank page. I love it because it incorporates a few of my favorite things: hard cover books, calendars and a journal!


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