Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) Bento For Kids

I promised Sj last night I would pack Onigiri for her lunch today. Onigiri is very easy to make, just whip up a batch of sushi rice, cut up a sheet of nori that you would typically use for sushi rolls, fill a bowl with warm water and salt for your hands (otherwise the rice will stick to you), grab a handful of rice and form into a triangle or any shape you like. Below is a bunny from a rice mold I own. I then add the nori to the outside, if the rice is warm, it just stays in place perfectly. Traditionally Onigiri is made with filling such as salmon or tuna, but these are just plain rice.

Please excuse my pitiful bunny face, it's comical, isn't it? I've never been able to find a nori punch that creates faces to decorate Onigiri. Let's just say, it's very difficult to cut Nori into little circles. I'm learning. The leftover rice will be used tonight for a homemade sushi roll dinner.

 Sushi rice, organic nori, small container of Tamari (GF soy sauce)
organic carrots cut into small strips
organic edamame (please do NOT buy conventional soy)
organic champagne grapes
Here's how the bento looks packed up! On top of the stainless steel bento from Japan is a mini Hello Kitty Snack bento that contains a zucchini muffin, on top of that in the Hello Kitty egg is a hand wipe. The sticky rice, tends to well, stick on your hands, so a wet wipe is essential.

Packed in a simple bag that ties on top. 


  1. ok i just bought some rice molds. i have a zori rice maker. the thing is, the cold rice just tastes..eh.. not so much. any thoughts? we can't do soy.. but thinking of various flavorings that might help. by the way..i love your blog. lots of inspiration. I actually just bought the little bentos you have here last week. amazon moms club has a lot of bentos that 'apply' toward their savings.


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