200 Hikes Day Unknown: How About Those Hikes?

The questions began about a month ago. So Denise, how are those hikes coming along, are you going to hit your goal? In January I set a goal to hike 200 times this year, I figured 3.846 times a week was possible. I probably over guesstimated my hiking ability versus my free time to hit the trail. I should've been a little more conservative with my first year goals, more like 100, on average twice a week. Now that number is digestible.

Don't misinterpret what I am trying to say here. I am still out there hiking a few times a week, although some weeks it was more like twice a week. If I was to really over analyze my hiking goals and lack of attainability, I'd have to take into consideration what has sidelined my progress. First on the list, letterboxing. During summer break, my girls and I found 100 letterboxes (that's a post in and of itself), in a vast array of locations from trails to downtown Denver to mountain tops (such as Gregory Canyon in the photo). I must admit, my times on the trail letterboxing, I absolutely consider to be a tally in my goal to 200 hikes.

There were a few weeks, which all seem to blur together where I was overtaken by an extreme reaction to poison ivy. I still haven't worked up the courage to write about that experience, but it definitely left me weary about what trails I would take to. So instead, hikes simply became walks on paved surfaces where plant oils didn't have the ability to invade my skin.

The other huge distraction I fell for this summer was cycling. I started riding after dinner because a few friends gently reminded me about the risks of hiking closer to dusk alone on trails, insert mentions of large carnivores that hunt at dusk. So instead I've been taking to my two wheels. One of my favorite spots to ride is a windy hill climb just a short distance from my house. One night I did the ride with my family, but since then, I've gone to it solo. I have an incredibly discouraging mind when I run or push my self on big hills cycling and I've worked through many thoughts getting to the top of the hill, all by myself. It's an amazing feeling to push through and arrive at the top, with an added bonus of an exhilarating descent, so in the saddle is where I head post-dinner.

Back to my goal...

200 Hikes? I don't think this will be my year. Rather, hiking as often as I can, a huge check in that column. I don't feel disappointed, but engaged in focusing on getting out in the fresh air, whether it be a trail, a walk after dinner to the park, or a ride on my bicycle. It's all good.


  1. That's definitely the important thing, is to just get out and enjoy your environment. Moving every week is a great goal!


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