How To Hug A Mountain, If You Believe Tree Hugging Is Overrated... [VIDEO]

It's been a fabulous weekend, to top it off J and I went on an awesome hiking date this morning. One part of the trail dead ends right into a huge slab rock face of the Rocky Mountains. It's beautiful and I felt compelled to just give it a hug.

The idea for this vlog was born out of that simple moment.

(Direct You Tube Link)

I feel like some things need to be said about this vlog. I was wearing a hat (but had to take it off because of the shadows on my face), I was sweaty, I didn't exactly anticipate shooting a video to share publicly. But you know what? All those excuses didn't matter, I just wanted to enjoy the moment. I am who I am and I am embracing it, that feels damn good.


  1. Love trees, love mountains, love rock. How can you not hug one when it's right in front of you? And can I say it? I think I love you too, for posting this.


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