I Can't Pass Up Mini Bananas...

Oh those darling mini bananas, they seem to call out my name as I pass by the banana section of the produce department. By the way, look at how cute it is in the bento. Bento aesthetics 101, buy the cute bananas.

Organic WW bread, Applegate Farms Ham, and vintage cheddar sandie,
Cute chocolate mushrooms/cookies from Japan,
Fresh peach, Pirate's Booty, Mini banana, carrot flowers. 

My husband purchased these bags for the girls, I've taken them over as lunch bags, depending on the bento I packed that day. This one features Quatchi, he was a Vancouver Winter Olympics Mascot. 


  1. ok my son would LOOOOOVE this lunch bag. if he sees this page he will scream for it! LOL WHERE DID YOU GET IT???!! i have a sumi plush for him already.

  2. My husband worked on the Olympics and travels to Vancouver for work, so unfortunately it came directly from the source, Canada. I have no idea what type of shop. My girls each have one (with different characters).


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