Kitchen Construction Phase 1, The Demo!

My parents are in town visiting and we always seem to have some house project to do when my dad is here. I like to take advantage of his 50 years of carpentry experience. So together we are in the throws of replacing a countertop, adding a new backsplash, and installing a new sink with faucet.

The photo is what my kitchen looked like this morning. I am happy to report, I do have a new countertop in and I am just waiting on a few pipes to be connected under the sink.

Next up backsplash, tomorrow. Photos and details of the completed kitchen to follow, I am hoping by Friday....


  1. I am sure it will look great when it's done.

  2. Whoo hoo!! I love house projects and I'm glad to have a buddy in the "my house is a construction zone" club.

  3. Could you send your dad over to my house next? (don't forget "after" shots!)


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