To Do: Make Your Heart Smile

Sometimes life is such that writing is just another thing to do. It's on the list, but I've been avoiding the list, which in turn means I've been avoiding writing. My list of ideas is growing, but instead I've taken to trails with a few friends in the past week, had some lunch playdates, and enjoyed the face to face company with those that I care about.

There's lots of buzzing going on in our house, some pinata making, a birthday cake to bake, and a house full of girls on the horizon to celebrate. So I'm in it, up to my chin, enjoying the full swing of life these days.

Happy Weekend, enjoy whatever it is that makes your heart smile.


  1. Oh my god - you MADE a pinata?! I've been feeling swallowed up by life too. But I don't have the justifiable excuse of pinata-making. Please post about that - I'm intrigued...

  2. I hope you had a great weekend, and I hope this past weekend was a good one, too - when real life is busy and full, sometimes blogging is hard to do. :)


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