Top 10 Reasons For Loving Bloggy Boot Camp Denver

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I find it funny, but rather fitting to my personality, that after four years of blogging I finally attended my first Blogging Conference. This weekend Denver hosted a one day conference called Bloggy Boot Camp. I didn't actually purchase a ticket for the conference when they went on sale in the Spring because I kind of wrote myself off as one of those "don't attend conferences" bloggers. In a random turn of events, one of my dearest blogging turned in real life friends texted me and offered me her ticket. I graciously accepted. Now I may go as far to say, I may be forever indebted to her for giving me this opportunity.

My Top Ten Reasons For LOVING Bloggy Boot Camp:

1. Not having to travel, regional blog conferences are awesome. It's a one day commitment and a team of fabulous women come to you. I felt like blogging royalty not having to travel across the country to see what this blogging conference thing was all about. I did make a full day of it, but happily hopped into my car and went home to my family that evening.

2. With a local blog conference, I was able to recognize many familiar faces in the room at any given moment, which made me feel at ease. With that said, I was also able to connect with many women I have never met that live in Colorado. Plus (I'm going to let you in on a little insider's secret) they pick tables for you to sit at during the sessions. You never show up at a table where the seat is already taken, then stare at every table in the room hoping to find a seat next to someone that is nice. I'm so glad the seating was arranged that way, I was able to meet women from Texas, Nevada, Washington, Arkansas, and California.

3. The incredibly brilliant women behind Bloggy Boot Camp (Tiffany and Francesca) are very present and accessible during the entire conference. From the start of the day Tiffany and Francesca set the tone that helped me feel at ease. I love their passion for helping women succeed, it's truly amazing to see women lifting other women up.

4. This conference really focused on the art and depth of blogging. It may sound like I'm trying to be cheeky, but I'm not. Sometimes I feel like blog conferences are about the corporate sponsors or what party you are invited to, with the education part being lost in the shuffle. At Bloggy Boot Camp, I took away a little nugget of wisdom from every session, which feels awesome and very inspiring. Plus, the conference presenters were a fabulous mix of great local talent, coupled with strong blog voices from around the country.

5. Authenticity. When a group of women gather in a place and talk about their life's passions, it hits home in a deep way.

6. Cheeks are hurting laughter. During sessions, during the cocktail hour, post conference dinner, over a cookie in the hallway, there was laughter. Joy spilled through the day.

7. A great group of sponsors. The brand sponsors of the conference were there because they recognize the value in working with bloggers. It's not every day you get to hear the story of a family that has been running a winery like Mirassou for six generations. The way the conference was run, it didn't feel as if the brands were running the show, they were just a great accompaniment to the day. Plus who doesn't love 80 samples of Tide To Go Mini Stain Removers. We actually had an opportunity to use them right after the conference (see video below).

8. Meeting and cornering in front of the cookie table, Danielle Liss. Danielle is a lawyer and a blogger, which to me is a harmonious colliding of worlds. I have to share, Danielle gave me some much needed advice about a few posts I have brewing, but have been hesitant to publish. I feel assured in how I can move forward writing about a huge corporation that is a big thorn in my side.

9. Confidence. Now that I put myself out there for a one day conference, I am more open to possibilities of attending another blog conference in the future (which may or may not be multi-day and involve out of state travel). I also feel confident on a much more personal level when talking about my blog, where it's come from, and where I want to take this space in the future. Being able to talk about blogging with peers is such a great feeling.

10. Sometimes magic moments happen in a hotel room and I just happened to be present for this one.  Kudos to Aimee aka Greeblemonkey for capturing this... Please let me introduce the incredibly hilarious Mama Kat from Mama's Losin It!

See you at Bloggy Boot Camp in Las Vegas next year? You have to agree, a conference less than a 2 hour plane ride away is definitely local.


  1. Way to go! You've been a busy girl, remodeling, hiking, blog conferences. I love it!

  2. Really looking forward to Bloggy Boot Camp next month in Atlanta, but the first 2 reasons definitely don't apply to me - travelling from Ireland (although not coming just for the conference - by happy co-incidence I was due to be in Atlanta at the right time!)

  3. The video rocks...My cheeks hurt. Thanks for this motivation to attend Bloggy Boot Camp once it's back in Seattle!

  4. So glad that you got to go and that you got so much out of it!

  5. Totally thought I already commented here....

    I loved getting to hang out with you and your fabulous boots.

    You are so my people.


  6. Those are great tips. I have been blogging for a while now and I am looking into going next year to Blog World. A friend of mine went to one last year and she said it was the best investment that she ever made. I was sold after that! What's even better is that these conferences travel and I am hoping for one in San Francisco or Los Angeles soon!

    In regards to sponsors, I grew up with David Mirassou in high school (the winery is up the street from my house in San Jose, CA) and he has carried on his family tradition. Actually he just got married and he is always up to giving back to the community. Thanks for saying that because he is still a good friend and I will let him know what you said. Feedback like that is priceless.

  7. Oh, I forgot about those Tide Spot Shot Pen Stick Remover thingies! Pulling out the schwagbag now!


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