Tuesday Tips: Grass Fed Organic Beef, The Way Mother Nature Intended

Consumers today naively believe that we are being protected by our Government when it comes to food safety and how our food is produced. Unfortunately I feel much differently as a consumer. I know it's my job to learn where the food I purchase comes from, which sometimes means directly contacting a company or doing a little research on brands I want to support. When I walk into the grocery store, I'm very conscious of the fact that where my money is spent helps shape the future purchasing decisions of that retail establishment. To me, every dollar counts.

While this post could easily take a turn for the worse, showcasing the major injustices of our meat industry and CAFOS (centralized/confined animal feeding operations), I'm going to focus on the positive. My husband and I were vegetarians for over a decade. At this point an omnivore diet serves our bodies better. I believe with a vegetarian driven past, we have consciously decided to only consume humanely raised meat.

Which leads me to Rod Morrison, rancher, President and CEO of Rocky Mountain Organic Meats. Yes, I know the name, phone number, and address of the rancher that produced the beef that is currently in my freezer. I believe Rod is doing the right thing and so does he. On his ranch the cows are 100% grass fed and grass fed finished. They spend their lives grazing on whatever grasses are currently growing, which also has a direct affect on the taste of the meat (think the way nature intended). On Rod's ranch, you'll never find cows penned up and bloated with a pile of grain and by-products in front of them, what you'll find is happy cows. The way Rod runs his ranch leaves me rest assured the certified organic beef I am feeding my family is the highest quality I can possibly find.

Beyond the obvious benefits to the environment of running an Certified Organic Ranch (think of the tons of pesticides and chemicals, antibiotics, and byproducts that are spared to the ecosystem in Wyoming), there are other health benefits.

  • Total fat content of pasture raised cattle is about 25% lower than cows that are fed a diet of grain, which is primarily corn. If I could be my bottom dollar, I would sure as heck assume that corn cattle were fed was Genetically Modified. We all know I hate GMO's, so buying Organic Beef, I am rest assured I am not supporting Monsanto. 
  • Grass fed cattle are higher in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which are polyunsaturated fats that are essential to our bodies, we don't produce Omega 3's so we need to take them in from our food. Let's face it, on Rod's Ranch the cattle aren't being pushed to maturity at an unnatural rate. They graze and gain weight the way they were intended, producing far superior and healthier meat. 
  • Grass fed, grass finished. Cattle are not finished off with a grain diet, which diminishes the health benefits of the meat. It's important to pay attention to this little detail. Some producers believe in fattening up cattle during the last months of their lives, but that's not necessary. 

I'd like to urge everyone to be conscious that every dollar we spend counts, make informed choices. You no longer have to be concerned that you don't have access to quality meat, Rocky Mountain Organic Meats has a very user friendly online store. The meat is shipped directly from their USDA Certified processing facility to your home. It doesn't get much fresher or easier than that. 

While I'd love to share the recipe for these meatballs, I don't really have one. I've grown up watching my mother make meatballs every Sunday during my entire childhood, now I carefully observe her when she comes to visit and makes a batch. Recipes weren't written down in my family, they were experienced.

Michael Pollan's Q & A on Animal Welfare
Rod's Twitter Feed!

I had to share this video, see for yourself!

Disclaimer, I was provided with a free shipment of 100% Organic Beef from Rod's ranch. This post was not asked of me by Rod, but I couldn't help but share the wonderful work he is doing to help change the way America eats. I will certainly be supporting them in the future, especially for some gifts for my father's birthday. My father absolutely raved over the meat we received. All thoughts are my own. 


  1. I don't do much research into where our food comes from, perhaps I should. I do think Canada has good food safety regulations, though. I am very scared of handling and cooking poultry/meat! I tend to cook meat to the point it is almost beef jerky to make sure it's 'safe'!

  2. Absolutely agree with you: know where your food is coming from. I'm currently looking for a local farmer from whom I can buy all of our beef in the future. It makes so much sense.

  3. Thank you thank you for this! We're doing our best to give our daughter (And us) the best possible food. I don't know what's local to us as far as safe meat, but now I have a starting point!


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