Un-Hot Dog Bento

Our kitchen project is completed, you can see the photos at Eat Play Love.

My daughter loves when she gets something unexpected in her lunch. Today it was a Organic Whole Wheat hot dog bun for the bread of her sandwich and lunch meat rolled up, instead of a hot dog. I'm not quite sure how the mustard looked when she opened it. Another surprise, Nori Snacks! I can't keep them in the house, the girls love them.

Applegate Turkey and Ham, Sharp Cheddar, Rudi's Organic Bun,
Annie Chung's nori snacks,
Strawberries, broccoli skewers, Colorado peach,
Left over salad, greens, carrots, cukes, and tomatoes. 


  1. Hello hello! I'm ready to BENTO and on my way to Denver to check out bento supplies. My son needs food to be interesting to eat it and I'm all for this and think he will be too. So, where should I check out to get bento boxes and those adorable animal forks? Thanks for all the help!


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