200 Hikes Day 199: Sparkle Snow

The title of this post is facetious. At some point the number of times I went hiking just got replaced with, I want to go out for a hike. My desire to take photos varies, sometimes my phone or camera is always in my hand and other days I like to hike with no stopping or distractions. Yesterday we received a nice snowstorm and today the sun was out in full force. I was drawn to the trails, to get out there and crunch around on the ice pack and get a little rush of blood to my cheeks.

It was delightful.

This is in my backyard. The view from the start of the trail.

As I was walking back down the trail, the sun was blazing in my face. I was looking down off the trail on the right and the magnificent beauty of the snow sparkling from the sunshine was breathtaking. I tried to capture a photo, but it's hard when the sun is so bright to see exactly what is being captured.

Here's my attempt at remembering the moment, sparkle snow in all it's glory.


  1. Oh, I love it. Or at least the picture of it ... I'm not so fond of the real thing.


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