Dearest Chipotle (Say it isn't so)...

Dearest Chipotle,
  I desperately need some clarification on your stance on serving particular ingredients to your consumers (including myself and my children). I am a mother of two young girls and quite frankly I've adored the Chipotle "front", sustainability, hug a farmer, know where your food comes from. The Willie Nelson video was at the crux of beauty! Right after that kumbaya moment, this awful feeling crept into my mind. Something I had never questioned before.

I was standing at the counter last week, this thought came over me. Intuitively I recognized that there are no claims as to what type of corn you use in your tortillas and chips. I am not referring to the whole sweet corn in your salsa.  I wondered if the corn was the exact opposite of natural, but rather LABRATORY CREATED GM corn?

I avoid Genetically Modified food products and crops at all costs. I can rattle the % of GM soy, corn, and cotton that has taken over the agriculture landscape in the USA. We all know corn is one of the biggest GM crops in the USA. To be more fair, we also know when a corn seed is genetically modified, it becomes labeled as an INSECTICIDE because every single gene in the plant produces insecticide. I couldn't imagine Chipotle using Bt Corn to make their corn chips, the place where pigs are groomed before they reach the slaughter house?

My two very important questions:

1. Is the corn used in your tortillas and chips made from Genetically Modified Bt Corn?

2. Are the animals that you purchase to sell for meat fed a grain based diet which includes GM grains?

I appreciate your time and response in this matter. I still am holding out that Chipotle is doing the right thing by not purchasing GM insecticide (aka corn) to sell in the form of tortillas and chips.


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More information as to what inspired this, other than my gut feeling? Read this article.

This exact message was submitted at 10:30 pm, 10/20/11, via Talk To Us on Chipotle's Webpage, response will be posted as soon as I receive one, IF I receive one. 


  1. Really interesting questions. I saw that same piece and it was pretty heart-warming. I'll be curious to see if you DO get a response from them. (My cynical side is anticipating "no," sadly.)

  2. Say it isn't so, indeed! I discovered Chipotle when I was pregnant with my first, and probably broke the record for the most amount of burritos eaten in a nine month span. I don't crave it nearly as often anymore, but I'd be heartbroken to hear that they used GM foods! I hope you get an answer back so we can put our minds at ease.

  3. Nice letter, Denise! I am sure you will receive a reply, I just hope it's not the cookie cutter response that I got.
    If we all keep it up, maybe they will see the semblance of effort they have created is not good enough for their customers!

  4. Well bummer.

    Hoping for good news from them....but I doubt we'll get it.

    Don't you wish you were gluten-free like me?

  5. Although I like Chipotle and embrace the fact their "front", too, I have always been flummoxed by their desire to give us too much food. Their portions are way to big and it takes us forever to order, as we have to down-size everything (which confuses the servers). If they are truly about sustainability, I would hope they would also realize no one should be eating 3 tacos as 'one' serving.

    We do still occasionally stop by, so hope to hear this isn't true!


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