A Gift Bestowed Upon Me

The wedding invitations are far and few between these days. We've lapsed into that phase of our lives when weddings are once a year, maybe every year and a half. Now that I think of it, I'm rarely being invited to baby showers anymore. I suppose you could say we are all grown up. The milestones are changing, I hesitantly anticipate the arrival of graduation party invitations of children I once changed their diapers.

The joy of having a wedding to attend these days, is how special they are. I cherished the moment because I can reflect upon the beauty of maturing in a way in which you allow yourself the confidence to choose the people you want to be a part of your life. I find the people I surround myself with are the ones that have big hearts, are mutually open and caring, and whom I truly adore. This weekend one of those special people in our lives finally tied the knot. I must clarify when I say finally, I hardly mean it in a negative way, finally is just how life unfolded. Duly noted, we've also graciously grown to love his wife, she easily makes us feel like our friendship is just as endearing. As the sun was setting over the Flatirons in Boulder, the bride and groom were basking in the sun's glory before us, I could feel in my heart this wedding was the one. The one that was meant to be.

I believe there are few greater gifts in life than to witness the beauty of two wonderful people deeply in love, committing to one another through the celebration of marriage. With that, I will always remember this weekend with a huge smile, grateful for the gift they bestowed upon me.