Mechatars Interactive Robotic Toy Giveaway and Discount Code!

My eight year old is one of those girls that fluidly bounces from the world of a traditional ballet dress code to letting down her bun to hit jumps on her mountain bike at our city's bicycle park. I feel fortunate to have a girl that loves being grounded in a world that allows her to explore new things, no matter which direction that may be.

She isn't shy when it comes to video games or online gaming worlds. When I was asked to check out Mechatars, which combines the online gaming world with RC robotic toys, I jumped at the opportunity. Just as I assumed, my girl, was thrilled to be able to preview Alpha.

As fast as we could get Alpha from the box, I felt like it was up and running. I don't remember a time now when Alpha wasn't one of her go to toys after school. We sat down together to navigate the online world, Alpha plugs into the computer with a USB, and we created an account with a username. Each time she logs in, Alpha is able to participate in epic battles in the Mechaverse with her guidance. The best part for me, an email instantly arrived in my inbox, stating what my daughter's login was including her password. I keep a folder of all of her login information, so I can monitor her online activity.

She's still learning to navigate how the online and RC robotic Alpha works and is eager for one of her friend's to get one as a gift, so they can battle in real life. I am grateful for the online tutorial that initially helped guide her through the Mechaverse. One of the strongest selling points for me with Alpha is that it's very in depth and it feels as if she's just scratched the surface. There's many levels to power up to, as well as a wide range of weaponry to learn to manipulate for battles. A couple of weeks in our home and Alpha is just as exciting as day one!

Now here's the fun part, A GIVEAWAY!

Visit the Mechatars website and choose a Mechatars you would most like to win. 

  1. To enter you may leave as many comments as you would like, but the only requirement to make it valid is that it must contain the name of the Mechatars you would like! Hint: there are three. 
  2. Please make sure I have a valid email address to contact you if you are the winner. Feel free to leave it in your comment. You do not need a blogger account to enter! 
  3. Contest open to US Residents only, I will provide your information to the company for them to directly ship the Mechatars to you. Please note, while the company will try to fill a specific request, the Mechatars you receive may not be the exact one you wanted due to stock limitations.
  4. Contest open from posting until 9pm, MST on Sunday 10/16. I need to submit your personal information on Monday 10/17, if you are chosen as the winner.

Good luck and have fun entering!

  • 10% off at with the coupon code MECHMOM  good until 11/30!
  • Perfect for ages 6-12
  • Access to online world comes with the purchase of the Mechatars. No additional monthly memberships. Available at Target, Radio Shack, Toys R'Us, (MSRP: $39.99)

Disclosure: I was selected to participate in this sponsored post series by Clever Girls Collective. 

Winner comment #7, KDV, I'll be contacting you for your information! 
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  1. My twin boys would love the Wrexx or the Kodar! They are so awesome. What a great gift.
    lisarprior (at) yahoo

  2. Kid3 says WREXX all the way!
    lisarprior (at) yahoo

  3. I know for a fact Gaby wants Kodar! She keeps telling me that her Monster High dolls need something "cool" to play with and I think this fits the bill perfectly...especially considering that one of our cats ate her beloved Transformer and then made had dessert by beheading two of her LaLa Loopsy minis.

    Well, OK he didn't "eat" the Transformer, but
    alas, it transforms no more!

  4. my 13 yo daughter wants Kodar. She has put that on her Christmas wish list. She would love to win any of them, but really likes Kodar the best.
    Kelly K

  5. We like Wrexx the best

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  6. My kids would love to have Kodar. =)

    Kristinextras at hotmail dot com

  7. We like Kodar, the loyal protector who is fun loving off the battlefield:) They are all pretty cool though and my big is little gamer, just like his daddy.

  8. I'm throwing my hat in one more time, or maybe two! WREXX!!!!
    lisarprior (at) yahooo

  9. We are patiently waiting before we use the discount code to make a purchase. Because I have three boys, I think if we win WREXX, I'll surprise the other two with the KODAR or ALPAH.

    lisarprior@ yahoo