Quick and (Almost) Easy Half Bathroom Re-Do, With Before and After Photos!

The neighborhood my husband and I purchased a home in was originally built in the early 60's. The footprint of our home when it was built was a 950 +/- square foot home, 3 bedrooms, one full and one half bathroom. The half bath is in our bedroom, making it an official "master suite". Since the 60's our home has been added onto and our square footage has doubled. But interestingly enough, the people we purchased the home from didn't do much updating in the two decades they lived here. Our half bath when we moved in contained all 1960's original components (sink, mirrored cabinet, light fixture, toilet, light switch, and towel bar).

As you can see from the photo below, our 16 square foot half bath (which I am truly grateful for) is basically a closet with a toilet and sink in it. It gets the job done, I was adamant about having a second toilet when looking at houses. The bathroom isn't just open to our bedroom, we installed French Doors, in the photo I have both doors fully open. The former owners of our house had very interesting taste in paint color, they loved bold bright colors. Before the house went on the market, they did a once over on the entire place with a pale grey color. Occasionally you can catch a glimpse of their interesting taste, like shown here in the bathroom, they left the ceiling bright mustard yellow. I think this color compliments the lovely neon green our bedroom once was.

Due to the size constraints of the space, it was very difficult to walk into a hardware store and purchase a new sink off the shelf. We did have the option to replace our original wall mounted sink with another wall mounted or pedestal style sink, but I really wanted a small cabinet for basic storage. After the IKEA store opened in Denver, I set my sights on a bathroom cabinet that would fit our tiny space perfectly. Thank goodness for European design that highlights the need of small spaces.

This weekend, we finally set out to install our new sink and cabinet, update the towel rack, and give the space a fresh coat of paint. We only ran into ONE minor problem, which is detailed below. Our wall mounted sink had no shut offs at the hot and cold water supply. The lines were original and no one over the course of the last five decades installed shut offs.

Looking at this photo, I realized I never had my head under the sink very often. Thank goodness I didn't.  To remedy our problem, we had to turn off the main water shut off to our entire house. The sink was removed and water shut offs were installed on the pipes with soldering. After that was completed we were ready to reconfigure the new pipes under the sink and get to the installation.

With the two main pieces of the bathroom being a white toilet and sink, I wanted to add some color to the room to give the space more interest. The color of paint I chose was called Summer Dragonfly from a no-VOC eco-line our big box hardware store phased out in the Spring. I picked up a few gallons of paint for $5 each. I had the paint, crossed my fingers the color would work, and just went for it.

Total cost of bathroom re-do was a little under $200.00 including the new shut off valves, paint, towel rack, sink and faucet with cabinet (IKEA provides all the new pipes with the cabinet). The toilet we had replaced when we first moved last year. The framed Van Gogh print was just repurposed from another room. At this time, we have also decided to keep the vintage mirrored cabinet and light fixture. I'm sure we'll update them eventually, but for right now, they seem to be working just perfectly in the space.

Before and After:


  1. Denise it's FABULOUS! I love that color - too bad it's been phased out. It's gorgeous and I actually like the vintage light - it adds even more charm to the space. Well done girlfriend!

  2. I love the cabinet that you picked!

  3. I love that paint color! And that is a super cute sink and cabinet! Great job.

  4. Looks wonderful, amazing how changing one room changes the feel of the whole place.


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