Two Girls, Kirby's Epic Yarn, A Friendship Is Born

Nearly one year ago when Kirby's Epic Yarn was released, my oldest daughter simply fell for Kirby. She quickly became very confident playing Kirby and at some point this summer, she finished the game completely on her own. Of course I was one proud Mama, knowing that feeling, having been a fanatic for the original Super Mario Brothers. I became so well versed in "saving the Princess" that I would often be asked to put on a show when playing Nintendo with friends. Honestly, I loved being the girl known to perform just as well as the boys when it came to video games.

Back in August, a friend updated on Twitter, that her daughter needed some help playing Kirby. She was very frustrated in the Hot Land- Cool Cave section. I casually asked Sj about that part of Kirby's Epic Yarn and she agreed it was rather difficult, but she was able to finally get through it. So we did what any friend would do, we shot a quick video of Sj completing the section, uploaded it to Twitter and sent it to Tracey. Tracey in turn showed her daughter, who was then able to finish the Cool Cave section. Tracey's daughter was surprised there was someone out there willing to help her get through it! Of course, we were thrilled to be able to help.

A few days later Sj was asking me about Tracey's daughter. I couldn't answer her questions, so I told her to write a letter and we'd mail it with Tracey's permission of course. A week later, Sj received a letter back in the mail from Tracey's daughter and a friendship has been born. I adore that two bonded over Kirby and are now developing a friendship via letter writing. Requests have already come in from Sj asking if she could meet her new friend when we visit California and I answered, I sure hope so!

Two girls, a few thousand miles apart, but one love for Kirby brings them together.

Here's the quick video we posted on Twitter:

Disclosure: I am a very proud, Nintendo Brand Enthusiast. I was sent a copy of Kirby's Epic Yarn, a year ago when it released. This post is not sponsored, nor was it requested because of my Brand Enthusiast relationship. As always at Eat Play Love, all content is original. 


  1. That is so sweet!

    I love that they are writing letters, not emails.

  2. Kirby! My husband taught our oldest son that game last year! I love all things Nintendo, too, which is a good thing, since we have two boys! :)


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