Sometimes Lunch Packing Isn't Awesome!

One of the biggest mistakes of being passionate about packing healthy and cute nutritious lunches Monday through Friday, is not having fresh ingredients on hand. I'm being honest when I say as someone who LOVES packing lunch, it can be dreadful with an empty pantry. This morning it was crunch time to get the girls out the door for school and we were out of bread (well except for 4 heels). I'm not usually thrown back with no bread in the house, I simply reach for a tortilla or pasta leftovers.

No tortillas in the house. No leftover pasta, only stuffed peppers. I just couldn't see packing stuffed pepper leftovers to my 8 year old. Not only did it have a food safety issue, I feared the social impact would've been greater.

I did what anyone does in a pinch, I cut off as much of the hard end of crust as I could and threw together gently crafted a sandwich with almond butter and jelly. I included some frozen edamame and an apple with a little sprinkle of Italian Volcano Lemon Juice (organic) to keep it from turning brown.

Sometimes it feels good to be real and share what I consider to be a pretty lame attempt at lunch. It helps me want to do better because I know I can. Today definitely would've been a hot lunch day for my girl if the options weren't a hot dog or cheesy broccoli baked potato, two things she snubbed!


  1. This post made me smile, because I never pack sandwiches if I can help it, and tortillas are pretty rare, too! Some ideas for next time's pinch:

    Hard boiled eggs (if you have time)
    Nuts in a baking cup
    Nut butter in a container for dipping the apples into
    Chunks of cheese or leftover meat

    But in this case, I'd have used stuffed peppers. I love stuffed peppers and have packed them before!


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