Great Moments of 2011

I compiled a short little slide show with photos from every month in 2011! Enjoy...

Moments of 2011 from Eatplaylove D on Vimeo.

I feel compelled to share that is the very edited version. The first version I created was 17 minutes long, oopsie. I'll be burning that version to DVD to mail to our family!


  1. I loved this video! You have a beautiful life. :)

  2. I love it!

    I really need to do one of these. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I don't quite remember how I found your blog, but this video shows me just why I love it! I'm a twenty-something figuring it all out (slowly and sometimes painfully, I might add), and your life and your family are really inspiring to me - you balance a lot of the things that I value. And you make me think that life does turn out, so thank you! (Does the hilarious video of the stuck snowboot make its way into the longer film? I loved that one! It makes me so excited for times like that with my kids, when I have them... :) )


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