A Pinky Swear With Friends? Catalyst For New Year's Change... 2012 Mind Body Challenge

I believe ringing in the New Year is a great time to set intentions. I like to reflect upon the last year, think about where I would like my year to go, where I want to focus my energy. Typically my thoughts return to the same pillars of my daily life, spending money, healthy lifestyle (how I eat, exercise), focus on my family, as well as new interests to take on.

I'm not so great at making lists, checking off must do's, one by one (I'd call that Resolution Style).

As J and I were sitting around the kitchen table at our friends' house the other night, the discussion came up about a Whole Living magazine article, 21 Day Mind + Body Challenge. I had just read the article that day and it definitely peaked my interest. My friend asked me if I wanted to join her taking the challenge and after some brief discussion, I was on board. Lucky for both of us, our husbands wanted to join in as well. Which also makes me wholeheartedly grateful for my friends, the people I chose to surround myself with, they support me, encourage me, and I adore them for it!  A pinky swear sealed the deal and we even came up with ramifications for breaking the cleanse. Mine is that I have to go snowboarding (with the other 3) for a FULL DAY with only a lunch break. I can tell you right now, there is no way I am going to break the cleanse because that deal breaker truly SCARES ME!!!

We sat around the table for a few hours and discussed what we were up for, it's a 21 day cleanse which eliminates the major allergens from your diet. The six things we will be skipping for the first 3 weeks of January are processed foods and beverages, added sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol. Eep! Well what exactly does that leave you may be wondering? Tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, by week three some grains, and lean proteins. We also agreed on green tea which does have some caffeine, I drink plenty of tea unsweetened.

Sounds like a trendy diet....

I think embodying a detox plan is a bit easier to swallow than the dreaded word, DIET. It's three weeks, I've eaten this way before for over a year, when Sj was a nursing baby. Three weeks should be a cake walk (hahaha). I know it takes a solid 2 weeks for your body to process and rid your body of the 6 things we are giving up.

I'm really not much of a diet fan and I will be so bold as to throw "strict eating regiments" into the general umbrella of dieting. I do enjoy eating what ever I chose, the majority of food in our pantry and refrigerator is healthy whole foods, but like many people I have my weaknesses. I'm curious to see how my body responds, if I can let go of some extra weight that's been dragging me down. I don't own a scale, I'm the type that goes by how my jeans fit and I am definitely not satisfied with my above the waistband bulge that I currently am sporting.

I can guarantee there will be updates from the next three weeks. Day 1 starts on Monday for obvious reasons. Wish me luck....



  1. Good luck, dear girl. And a Happy New Year :-)

  2. Ill be honest it sounds like torture to me! But I know you can do it! Best of luck girlfriend!!!

  3. I'm contemplating a modified version of that detox....I read the article and was inspired, too. Delicious-looking smoothies. But we are leaving gluten in at our house, mostly because getting rid of the holiday sugar, dairy and booze is going to be a big enough challenge. Don't want to set ourselves up to fail.

    Good luck, and I'll be reading to see how things go!

  4. Day one is going well! My husband takes every opportunity to make a snide comment about eating pure vegetables, but it cracks me up and we eat some more veggie soup. I think the first days are the hardest because all I can do is think about the foods we aren't supposed to be eating. I know that will subside and I will start craving the good stuff :) I am so glad you guys are doing this with us! We will make some poached apples for dessert tonight. Stop by.


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